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Wafer Production Line is a newly developed new wafer cookie machine, compared with the previous equipment, the performance of this machine is more perfect and advanced, in addition to its many advantages, Wafer Biscuit Making Machine Price is also not too high, can bring you higher economic benefits, to help you in the cookie industry The Wafer Biscuit Making Machine is not too expensive.


What are wafer cookies? How is it different from other cookies?

Wafer cookie refers to the laminated puff pastry, a puffed food. Wafer cookies are usually made of millet flour or glutinous rice flour as the main ingredient, which is more nutritious than refined white flour and richer in nutrients.


Wafer Biscuit is made of starch as the main raw material; after Wafer Production Line pressurization and heating treatment to expand the volume of the raw material itself, the internal structure of the organization has also changed after processing, molding, and adding two to three layers of sweet filling in the middle and made.


Wafer Biscuit Making Machine Composition Structure.

1.Mixing machine Mixes various ingredients evenly and kneads them into a smooth dough.


2.Forming machine In this machine, the dough will be rolled into shape, and the cookie will be formed initially.
3.Baking oven High-temperature baking can make the cookies mature, and the flavor of the cookies produced by this baking method is more prominent.
4.Oil spraying machine Spraying a layer of oil mist on the cookie's surface to make the cookie's color and flavor more unique.
5.Cooling machine can quickly cool the cookies, and the cookies at room temperature will not return to moisture after packaging and have a longer shelf life.


6.Packing machine Fully automatic packing, bag making to weighing are done automatically, with a variety of sealing convenience, and the packaged cookies are of higher quality.


Wafer Production Line has been researched and developed for many years and has obtained several international certifications and patents, with outstanding performance. Choosing a suitable Wafer Making Machine is the goal of every food machinery manufacturer. Still, of course, it is more important to choose the right wafer cookie machine manufacturer who can provide you with perfect after-sales service and solutions to any problems with the machine.


Wafer Biscuit Production Line is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is reliable, durable, not easy to damage, long-lasting, and easy to clean. The line consists of a combination of several machines, which is flexible for manufacturers to choose from, i.e., they can buy one machine alone or match the complete line as needed.


So what are the advantages of the Wafer Production Line?

Wafer Production Line advantages and features
1 Wafer Production Line has a fully automated production method, high production efficiency, and large enough output.
2 The product design and process of Wafer Making Machines are advanced, stable, and reliable and can be kept unchanged for a long time.
3 PLC control system is easy to operate, effectively reducing labor costs and improving leisure food quality.
4 Small footprints, low production costs, and short production cycles can ensure balanced production with significant economic benefits.
5 Wafer Making Machines are made of food-grade stainless steel, durable, and easy to clean.


Of course, in the purchase of suitable wafer cookie equipment, but also in choosing a correct food machinery manufacturer, we, as a veteran food machinery manufacturers, whether the quality of equipment, corporate reputation, related services, machine prices, or other aspects are trustworthy, you can unconditionally trust us, we will also communicate with you in-depth, with the most sincere attitude for your service.


If you have any questions about this, you can contact us at any time, and our staff will answer patiently for you any questions.


Wafer Making Machine: Complete Buying Guide.

Do you think the wafer industry has great potential for development? Do you also want to make a great profit in this industry, Wafer Production Line will help you the most.

We will provide the most comprehensive answers to your questions about wafer cookies and Wafer Production Line.


  1. What is a wafer line?

The Wafer Production Line is a professional wafer production line.

The whole wafer production line consists of a baking oven, sheet conveyor, sheet cooler, sheet collector, cream applicator, wafer cooling tower, wafer book conveyor, wafer cutting machine, battering machine, cream mixer, wafer batter mixer, electric cream applicator control cabinet, etc.


  1. How Wafer-Making Machines Work

The specific workflow of the wafer biscuit production line is as follows.

  1. Pre-treatment of raw materials: Pre-treatment of flour, sugar, fat, dairy and egg products, bulking agent, and salt.
  2. Dough preparation: The ingredients are mixed according to the recipe, and different doughs are prepared according to the characteristics of the cookies.
  3. Rolling: The modulated dough is rolled into a dough sheet with uniform thickness, flat shape, smooth surface, and fine texture, ready for molding.
  4. Forming: The rolled dough sheet is made into various cookie shapes by the forming machine.
  5. Baking: Different cookies are baked in different ways, and the baking temperature and time vary with the variety and size of the cookie, and the baking temperature and time greatly influence the cookie.
  6. Cooling: After baking, the temperature difference between the surface layer and the center of the cookie is very large, the outer temperature is high, the inner temperature is low, and the temperature is slow to be distributed.
  7. Packaging: The packaging facilitates the circulation of cookies and improves their shelf life.


  1. Wafer Production Line Maintenance Process

Wafer Production Line is a food processing equipment, pay more attention to hygiene and cleanliness, usually use the equipment operation is completed, pay attention to clean up the equipment, the mechanical enterprise all corners of the residue removed, to avoid the time, residue decay, threatening the physical and mental health of the edible. If we usually focus on its daily management maintenance, it will correspondingly extend its service life and be more hygienic.


Equipment inspection is a timely grasp of the technical condition of the equipment, and the implementation of effective means of equipment status monitoring and maintenance is the basic work of maintenance. Through the inspection of timely detection and elimination of equipment hidden dangers, to prevent sudden failures and accidents is to ensure the normal operation of the equipment is important to work, usually, also do a good job of equipment maintenance inspection work.


  1. How much Wafer Making Machines Cost

As for the price of the Wafer Production Line, generally ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, many factors affect the price, the different models, differences in performance, and the number of the price will be affected. However, they are all very reasonable, and the more you buy, the bigger the discount will be.


  1. How to choose good quality Wafer Making Machines?
  2. When buying Wafer Biscuit Making Machine, you need to check whether the equipment has IOS certification, MIC certification, CE certification, etc. The more certifications indicated, the more the quality of the machinery is guaranteed.
  3. Check whether the machine material is made of food-grade stainless steel to ensure the safety of the cookies produced
  4. ask whether the manufacturer has a perfect after-sales system after purchasing the equipment and whether there are engineers to install the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


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