What Is Biscuit Line Technology?

April 11, 2023

Introduction Of biscuit Making Machine:

A biscuit making machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the food manufacturing industry to produce biscuits or cookies. This machine typically consists of a hopper, where the dough is deposited, and a series of rollers and cutters that shape the dough into the desired form. Some machines may also have features for adding flavorings, such as chocolate chips, nuts, or dried fruit, to the biscuit dough.

Biscuit making machines come in various sizes and capacities, from small tabletop models intended for home use, to large industrial-grade machines capable of producing large quantities of biscuits per hour. They are typically made from stainless steel, which is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to corrosion.

Using a biscuit making machine can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of biscuit production, while also ensuring consistency and uniformity in the size, shape, and quality of the final product. This makes them a valuable investment for commercial bakeries and other food manufacturing businesses that produce biscuits on a large scale.

The biscuit Product Line Details:

Capacity 50kg-1000kg
Power Supply Based On 380V 50 Hz 3 Phase. Customized According To Your Local Power.
Machine Details 1.Stainless Steel,:201, 304, 316, On Request
2. Electric Parts Can Be Abb, Delta, Fuji, Siemens; Famous Brand As Your Demand.
Certificate Ce,Gost,Tuv,Bv
Raw Material Wheat Flour, Corn, Rice, Oat, Etc.
Products Color White, Yellow
Products Type Soft Biscuit,Hard Biscuit,Sandwiching Biscuit


Flow Chart of Biscuit Processing Line:

Dough mixing --- Biscuit forming --- Oven baking --- Oil spraying --- Conveyor cooling --- Sorting --- Packaging


The Equipment Using In The Biscuit Making Machine:

①Samll biscuit line:1.Flour mixer---2.Roll cut biscuit form machine---3.Tunnel oven 10 meters(Electrical type)---4.Oil Sprayer---5.Net belt cooling conveyor

②Large biscuit line:1.Flour mixer---2.Dough cutting machine(With metal detector ---3.Dough conveyor---4.Hard forming machine---5.soft biscuit forming machine---6.Inlet oven conveyor---7.Intelligent Temperature Control Tunnel Oven (Electric heating)---8.Outlet oven conveyo-r--9.Oil spray---10.Cooling section line(6M))---11.180°turning machine---12.Cooling line(18m)---13.Biscuit stacking machine---14.Stacking table


Parameter Of Biscuit Machine:

①Small Biscuit

Item  No. Capacity Finished Biscuit
LY-325 50-60kg/h Soft biscuit,hard biscuit,sandwiching biscuit
LY-380 100kg/h Soft biscuit,hard biscuit,sandwiching biscuit

②Large Biscuit

Item  No. Capacity Finished Biscuit
LY-400 150-200kg/h Soft biscuit,hard biscuit,sandwiching biscuit
LY-600 400-500kg/h Soft biscuit,hard biscuit,sandwiching biscuit
LY-800 600-800kg/h Soft biscuit,hard biscuit,sandwiching biscuit
LY-1000 1000KG/H Soft biscuit,hard biscuit,sandwiching biscuit

Feature Of Biscuit Machines:

The features of a biscuit machine may vary depending on the specific model, but here are some common ones:

  1. Mixing and Dough Preparation: A biscuit machine typically comes with a mixer that helps to prepare the dough, with features like automatic feeding and mixing, adjustable speed, and easy cleaning.
  2. Tunnel Oven: A tunnel oven is a key feature of a biscuit machine, where the dough is baked and fully cooked. It can have multiple baking zones with separate temperature and humidity control for different biscuits.
  3. Cooling Conveyor: After baking, a cooling conveyor carries the biscuits through a cooling tunnel to reduce their temperature to a packaging-safe level.
  4. Cutting and Forming: Different cutting and forming machines may be integrated within the biscuit machine to handle various types of biscuits, like square or round shaped biscuits, crackers, and sandwich biscuits.
  5. Automatic Packaging: The biscuits are packaged automatically in a wrapper, with features like cutting, stacking, and counting to ensure consistent size and shape. The packaging machine can be customized to handle different packaging sizes and materials.
  6. Flexible Production: A biscuit machine offers greater flexibility in production, as manufacturers can produce various types of biscuits with different shapes, sizes, and flavors by just adjusting the machine, recipes, or parameters.
  7. Energy Efficiency and Safety: Modern biscuit machines are designed to be energy-efficient with high-performance motors, advanced heat management, and low emissions. They also comply with global safety standards to ensure operational and food safety.

Overall, the features of a biscuit machine enable businesses to produce biscuits at a larger scale, with greater consistency, efficiency, and flexibility, making it easier to meet the demands of the market.

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