Cereal Bar Production Line

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The Cereal Bar Production Line is through changing the raw material formula, the nutrition bar production equipment can produce a variety of different types of products. The whole machine adopts the PLC operating system and advanced mechanical structure to achieve fully automatic production. Compared with the traditional manual production method, Reduce a lot of production costs and improve production efficiency.


Nutrition bar manufacturing equipment is suitable for produce cereal bar, peanuts bar, caramel treats, and so on with various raw materials like rice, millet, wheat, highland barley, maize, broomcorn, buckwheat, nuts, etc, and and berries such as goji, raisins also can be added.Nutrition bar manufacturing equipment can do the works of raw materials preparation, ,shaping,cutting  and cooling at a time,which is high automatic degree.This production line has the advantages of more machines choice,flexible and diverse configurations, wide range of raw material application, numerous in products variety and easy operation.


What Does Nutrition Bar Manufacturing Equipment Can Make?

Energy bar production line can produce the snack bar food, such as nutrition cereal bar, energy bar, nuts bar, nougat cake, nougat caramel treats.,peanut candy etc.
The shapes of cereal bar can be round, cylindrical, square, semi round, triangular and blossom etc.


Characteristic Of Nutrition Bar Manufacturing Equipment

Item  Second generation  energy bar making machine
Material  Adopt 304 stainless steel.
Control system Adopts advanced computer touch screen, plc control
Automatic Fully automatic,continuous  feeding, flattening,dicing and conveying
Finished Product  Cereal bar snack,peanut candy in different size

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