Fried Snack Production Line

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Fried Snack Production Line can be divided into semi-automatic line and fully automatic line according to the requirements of different customers. LOYALFried Snack Production Line adopts single/twin screw extrusion technology. The entire production line includes mixing, extrusion, molding, frying and seasoning, cooling and packaging processes, with simple technology and high efficiency.


We at LOYAL not only provide you with high-quality machines, but also provide you with various food formulas for free, assign technicians to install and debug equipment, and install them for you for free. Ensure that you produce qualified products.


Industrial Fried Dough Extruder Machine range mainly consists of Fried Bugle Chips Snack Machine, Fried Dough Snack Machine.
Loyal Industrial Fried Dough Extruder Machine can produce cashew, fragrant chicken, core-filling rolls and other direct puffed snacks. It can also produce nutritional powder, grain gruel and many other snacks by changing molds and assistant equipment’s.

Fried Dough Extruder Machine list
Machine Apllication/Use
Mixer Mixed raw materials
Screw-conveyor Send the raw material to the extruder
Twin-screw extruder Extruded the material by the twin screw
Cutter-QY Cutter the chips or sticks products
Shaping cutter Cutter the bugles,doritos or 3D snacks
Continuous fryer Frying the product,making it more crispy
Deoiling machine Deoiling the product
Flavoring line Flavoring the product

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