Food Processing
What are the benefits of eating corn flakes? September 1, 2021
Many people like to eat corn flakes. Corn flakes are very crispy and have a strong corn aroma. Therefore, there are many people who like to eat corn flakes. The sales volume of corn flakes is also very high. Now it has become one of the favorite breakfast foods of many people. one. Corn flakes […]
How is soybean meat produced? August 31, 2021
Meat is the ideal source of protein we get on a daily basis and for meat lovers, it is very difficult to go without it for a few days, but too much meat is not healthy and can cause obesity and thus increase the risk of various diseases. Now, a new food, soya meat, has […]
How long is homemade baby puree good for? August 17, 2021
How long can homemade baby food be consumed? How to eat baby food taken out of the refrigerator? With the growth of the baby, breast milk and formula can no longer meet your baby's nutritional needs, so you should add some supplementary food. Most parents will make some pureed food for their babies. Pureed food […]
How Are Corn Flakes Prepared? August 3, 2021
Cornflakes are a new fast food, which is the world's most popular cereal leisure food. The corn flakes are very convenient, and the corn flakes are very delicious, but also inherited the nutrition of corn, it can be said to be a good choice, and the corn flakes can have a lot of ways, when […]
How does an extruder screw work? July 22, 2021
What is a twin-screw extruder? What are the advantages of extruders? The application of extruders in the food processing industry? The progress of science and technology is driving the development of society, and the food processing industry has quietly undergone huge changes. Automated production is the mainstream of the modern food processing industry. In the […]
What is extrusion molding machine? July 20, 2021
The principle of extrusion molding machine? The classification of extrusion molding machine? What is the composition of the extrusion molding machine? With the promotion of science and technology, the food processing industry has made significant progress. The traditional manual labor has been eliminated in production, replaced by mechanized production methods. Not only the production efficiency […]
Who is the largest pet food company? July 19, 2021
As the economy grows, more and more people have their pets, such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, hamsters, etc. They love their pets like their own children, so they need to provide healthy food for their pets. And the demand for all kinds of pet food is getting higher and higher, then the production of […]
Which type of extruder is most commonly used in snack food industry? July 13, 2021
What is a screw extruder? What is the basic composition of a screw extruder? What is the working principle of the extruder? What is the working principle of the extruder? Casual food is an indispensable food in our daily life, which adds much fun to our life. When we are tired from work or with […]
What is extrusion process in food? July 13, 2021
What is extrusion equipment? The application of the extrusion process? The advantages of the extrusion process? With the continuous improvement of people's living standard and the continuous change of diet structure, the food processing industry has changed very much accordingly, and manufacturers can only meet the growing demand of consumers by continuously improving the production […]
Is owning a pet store profitable in India? July 9, 2021
Now the pet market can be said to be very hot. With the increase in life pressure, people's hearts are becoming more and more lonely. Keeping a pet can increase a lot of happiness, which has also led to earth-shaking changes in the pet market. Whether it is pet food, pet snacks or pet toys, […]
What foods are extruded? July 1, 2021
Technology has driven the development of society and the progress of the times. With the help of technology, the food processing industry has dramatically improved. What is unexpected is that high technology produces many of the foods we take for granted around us. Extrusion technology is a significant breakthrough in the food processing industry. The […]
What can I use instead of biscuit cutter? July 1, 2021
Biscuits are a very convenient snack food that we always have at home, and a biscuit can provide a lot of energy when we are relaxed or tired from work and study. Nowadays, biscuits have become very common, with a dazzling variety of biscuits appearing in the streets and alleys. The development of the Internet […]
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