Food Processing
What is microwave drying equipment? May 23, 2023
Itroduction of Microwave drying equipment: Microwave drying equipment, also known as microwave dryer, is a microwave machine used to dry food, herbs, wood, building materials, cardboard and other materials, compared with traditional drying equipment, microwave drying equipment features: drying speed, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, is a response to the low-carbon economy of […]
Industrial Microwave Earthworm Drying Technology May 23, 2023
Introduction Of Microwave Earthworm Drying Machine: The microwave earthworm drying machine is a device used to dry earthworms using microwave technology. The microwave earthworm drying machine has become an essential tool for the production of high-quality earthworms for various applications, such as agriculture, medicine, and fishing.The machine works by heating the earthworms quickly and evenly using microwaves. This […]
Components of the Fried Seaweed May 22, 2023
Introduction: Seaweed is a common household dish that is loved by everyone, it is delicious and has a great nutritional value. seaweed is crisp and melt-in-your-mouth when cooked, especially after seasoning, adding oil, salt and other seasonings, it turns into a particularly delicious "seaweed". Seaweed is a concentrated source of B vitamins, as well as […]
Industrial Microwave Meal Replacement Powder Drying Technology May 22, 2023
Introduction Of Microwave Meal Replacement Powder Drying Machine: A microwave meal replacement powder drying machine is a specialized equipment designed to dry and dehydrate meal replacement powders using microwave technology. A microwave meal replacement powder drying machine works by exposing the meal replacement powder to high-frequency microwave energy, which rapidly heats and dries the powder.The main advantage of […]
Professional Doritos Making Machine With Custom-Design Service May 19, 2023
Introduction of Doritos Making Machine: Tortilla, Doritos,Corn Chips production line is mainly made of corn flour, water vegetable oil and salt, mostly made from yellow corn can also be used to produce white corn red corn, after extrusion puffing, calendering into triangular, round, square and other shapes of flakes, and then baked or fried and then seasoned, its crispy […]
Professional Corn Flakes Making Machine With Custom-Design Service May 18, 2023
Introduction of Corn Flakes Making Machine: Corn is an annual herbaceous plant, also known as shrub, cob, and corn, and is used as a staple food in some regions. Corn is a healthy addition to coarse grains and is quite beneficial to human health. Niacin and other components in corn have properties that stimulate gastrointestinal […]
Professional Corn Curls Making Machine With Custom-Design Service May 17, 2023
Introduction of Corn Curls Making Machine: Corn curls are a common food in life, not only as a main meal to eat, but also as a snack to eat, thick rice fragrance corn curls is a childhood memory. Kurkure corn curls production line is the use of corn dregs (corn lush) as raw materials, extruded by the host to make irregular puffed […]
Introduction of the Core Filling Snacks production line? May 16, 2023
Introduction: The core filling snack production line is based on the non-fried puffed food production line, adding the filling process. The fillings are usually chocolate, sugar, butter, sesame paste, etc., which are directly injected into the discharge mold of the puffing machine through a core filler and a twin screw extruder, the products produced by […]
What Is Macaroni Line Technology? May 16, 2023
Introduction Of Macaroni Making Machine: A macaroni making machine is a device used for producing macaroni, a type of pasta that is commonly consumed worldwide. It is an automated machine that helps to streamline the production process of macaroni. The machine has a series of components that work together to mix, knead, and shape the dough into macaroni shapes.Macaroni […]
Professional Nutrition Rice Making Machine With Custom-Design Service May 15, 2023
Introduction of Nutrition Rice Making Machine: Nutrition Rice,also known as nutritionally fortified rice, is the finished rice made by adding certain nutrients to ordinary rice. The nutrients used for rice fortification are mainly vitamins, minerals, amino acids and minerals. Fortified rice is the finished rice produced by adding certain nutrients to ordinary rice. Fortified rice was first produced […]
Professional Nutrition Cereal And Grain Bar Making Machine With Custom-Design Service May 12, 2023
Introduction of Nutrition Cereal And Grain Bar Making Machine: This nutrition bar can also be called a meal replacement bar. If you use this meal replacement bar, it contains a lot of nutritional elements. First of all, it contains high dietary fiber and black tech protein, which can scientifically control the calorie difference. If he replaces dinner, it […]
What is Nutrition Cereal Grain Bar? May 11, 2023
Introduction Of Nutrition Cereal Grain Bar: There are many types of nutrition bars, the essence of which is to crush different ingredients into blocks.So the specific function depends on the ingredient list. Some bars are mainly composed of sugar and fat, but less protein and dietary fiber. They can be understood as "energy bars". Some bars […]
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