Components of the Fried Seaweed

May 22, 2023


Seaweed is a common household dish that is loved by everyone, it is delicious and has a great nutritional value.

seaweed is crisp and melt-in-your-mouth when cooked, especially after seasoning, adding oil, salt and other seasonings, it turns into a particularly delicious "seaweed". Seaweed is a concentrated source of B vitamins, as well as vitamin A, vitamin E and a small amount of vitamin C. Seaweed contains around 15% of the B vitamins in seaweed. Seaweed contains about 15% of minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper and manganese, which are essential for normal physiological functions.

Flow Chart of Fried Seaweed Processing Line:

  1. Cutting Machine --- 2. Blanching Machine --- 3. Seasoning Machine ---4. Frying Machine --- 5. Cooling Machine --- 6. Packing Machine

Seaweed fryers are divided into large output fryer and small output fryers, large output being automatic continuous fryers and small output being automatic batch fryer.

Automatic continuous fryer consists of net belt conveying system, automatic elevating system,automatic fitrating system, oil temperature controlling system, oil adding system andheating system. It can take coal, gas, diesel and electricity as power source. Actualizeindustrialization automatically producing.

Lifting system, two mesh belts and an upper cover body, the existence of the upper cover body can prevent lighter materials from floating up, so that the materials can be fried better; in addition, the continuous fryer can also be installed with a Oil filter, the existence of this oil filter can firstly reduce the acid value of the oil, so that the oil can become healthier, and the fried seaweed is also healthier, and it can save more oil and more Save cost; in addition, it can also reduce the food residue in the oil through the oil filter device, so as to prevent the oil from turning black to a certain extent, and make the food in the fryer more beautiful.

The tipping bucket fryer mainly includes:

Fryer, material sieve, centrifugal oil thrower and cooling transmission system are several major aspects. Centrifugal oil throwing machine runs at high speed to throw out excess fat, making the taste of food more delicious and healthier. The cooling conveying system can prevent the materials from sticking together and conveying to the next link.

Feature Of Fried Seaweed:

1.High degree of automation: Ithas a very high degree of automation, which can well meet the needs of customers and fully meet the needs of various enterprises.

2.Large output: It can realize multiple batch processing, thus avoiding problems such as equipment downtime and long downtime due to different batches. The output of the equipment is large, thus ensuring the production efficiency and quality. At the same time, the production speed of the equipment is fast, and the output can be adjusted at any time according to the output needs of different users.

3.Low energy consumption: It can effectively reduce the utilization rate of energy and achieve the purpose of saving costs.

4.Sanitation and cleaning: The equipment adopts a new type of dust removal equipment, which can well avoid dust pollution to the surrounding environment and ensure environmental hygiene. In the process of processing,a certain amount of dust will be generated. If the dust is not effectively removed, the dust will cause harm to the health of the workers.

5.Easy to operate: The device is easy to operate and easy to use, whether it is a small-scale enterprise or a large-scale enterprise, it can be easily used.

The above are the characteristics of the bread crumb production line. This equipment has the advantages of large output, high efficiency and low energy consumption, and can meet the needs of various customers.

Applications Of Fried Seaweed Making Machine:

Our Fried Seaweed Making Machine is perfect for a wide range of applications, making it an ideal choice for any business that wants to venture into the expanding seaweed market. Whether you're looking to produce seaweed snacks, condiments, or even seaweed-based seasoning blends, this machine has got you covered. With its high output capacity and precision control, the possibilities are endless.

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