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Wafer Biscuit Production Line is a piece of professional food machinery and equipment for producing wafer cookies. It is a high-quality Biscuit Production Line developed by combining advanced technology at home and abroad after repeated trials.


Wafer Biscuit Production Line has superior performance, and the whole line adopts CPU module control, compact structure, high degree of automation can process and produce many types of cookies, high production efficiency, a wide range of applications, and is a piece of very reliable equipment for the majority of manufacturers.


The basic process flow of Wafer Making Machines.

Raw and auxiliary material treatment → battering material → baking → filling → cutting → inspection → packaging → finished product

Wafer Biscuit Machine production process
Raw and auxiliary material treatment Wheat flour or starch is soaked in the wet mill and beaten into the batter, and the raw material should be refined flour, sieved and de-hybridized.
Put the batter into the mixer Add the appropriate amount of water and mix well, then put in the bulking agent and continue to mix until well blended; pay attention to the mixing time.
Preparation of the filling The sugar is ground into powdered sugar, then added to the cream and mixed well, and through the mixing of a large amount of air, so that the filling of the sandwich volume expansion, loose, white, and lightweight.
Baking The paste is poured on the light plate wafer baking mold and heated and baked.
Coating The filling is evenly coated on the baking sheet.
Cutting and packing The large pieces of semi-finished products coated with the filling are cut on the cutting machine. The over-cut and broken products are removed, sorted, immediately packed into plastic bags, sealed, and boxed.



Wafer Biscuit Production Line not only has a very high-cost performance and excellent performance but also can process and produce many different types of cookies; we can also provide dozens of different Biscuit Manufacturing processes to produce wafer cookies, soda cookies, cookies, and sandwich cookies, etc., while Wafer Biscuit Making Machine Price is the best price among all food machines with the same quality. We will provide perfect pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales service if you contact us.


So what are the advantages of Wafer Making Machine?

Advantages of Wafer Biscuit Making Machine
1 Various Biscuit Equipment on Wafer Biscuit Production Line is equipped with frequency conversion and speed control, and various machines work well together to realize automation truly.
2 The tunnel-type electric baking oven adopts energy-saving quartz electric heaters, with sufficient heat radiation and fast heating up; the temperature control system adopts temperature control equipment with unique energy-saving technology, saving up to 30% of energy during normal operation.
3 Wafer Biscuit Machine frequency conversion joint control, simple and quick operation, workers get started quickly.
4 A variety of supporting Biscuit Equipment is complete for producing various flavors of cookies to provide mechanical support.
5  Wafer Making Machines make the production of delicious cookies easy and convenient; it reduces a lot of intermediate links and a lot of manual operations, realizing the automatic integration of cookie production.


The cookie industry is always a hot item. As the public's economic level increases, the demand for cookies continues to rise, and the quality is becoming increasingly demanding. Manufacturers will have a broader market if manufacturers can produce high-quality cookies.


If you are interested in purchasing a Wafer Biscuit Production Line to expand your market, our Wafer Biscuit Production Line will provide you with the greatest help. We also look forward to more customers from home and abroad coming to our factory to discuss business and work together for a bright future.


Wafer Biscuit Production Line complete buying guide.

The market prospect of wafer biscuits is very promising, and using Wafer Making Machine will help manufacturers achieve efficient and high-quality production.

Some common questions about wafer cookies and Wafer Biscuit Making machines are answered in detail below.


  1. What is a Wafer Biscuit?

Wafer Biscuit is a kind of dessert snack produced by Wafer Making Machine. It is a two-layer or multi-layer cookie made of wheat flour and starch as the main raw materials, with an emulsifier, bulking agent, and other auxiliary ingredients, and then blended, poured, and baked into porous slices or shapes with sugar, grease, and other sandwich materials added between the slices or in the middle of the shapes.


  1. Benefits of Wafer Biscuit Machine
  2. Wafer Biscuit Production Line is made of food-grade stainless steel with reliable quality and is easy to clean.
  3. Wafer Biscuit Machine has a highly automated production method and high production efficiency, which will help manufacturers expand the market scale further.
  4. The high-quality Wafer Making Machine can retain most of the nutrition in the raw material, and the wafer produced is rich in taste and complete in nutrition.
  5. Wafer Making Machine has a compact structure and small footprint, which can save space.
  6. Wafer Biscuit Machine is easy to operate, only 1-2 workers can operate the whole line, and it is easy to maintain.
  7. Wafer Biscuit Making Machine has low price, low investment, and high return.


  1. Support Equipment to buy with Wafer Biscuit Production Line

Wafer Biscuit Production Line has excellent performance, but if you want to make it produce higher quality wafer cookies and further improve the production efficiency, you should buy some supporting equipment to use.

  1. Feeding machine: Using the motor to carry out the spiral conveying, to mix the raw materials into the extruder's feed hopper, to ensure that the feeding is convenient and fast.
  2. Feeding hopper: storing raw materials, more convenient for the subsequent processing production.
  3. Wind conveyor: convey the products to the oven; the height of the elevator is decided according to the oven.
  4. Cooling conveyor: the wafer temperature is high after baking and will return to moisture after packing. Hence, it must be cooled to room temperature to ensure packing quality.


  1. How to Verify Quality of Wafer Biscuit Machine

When buying a piece of suitable equipment, you must start with the price and quality. All manufacturers want to buy equipment at a good price, so when you pick a more suitable one for your equipment, you can verify the quality of cookie equipment from the following aspects: 1.

  1. Certification certificate: This is the easiest way to verify the Wafer Biscuit Production Line. The more certificates you get, the higher the quality of the equipment will be and the better the performance will be. Choosing a reliable equipment manufacturer can help you reduce the trouble of later maintenance.
  2. Production material: the best production material is stainless steel. Use stainless steel in food machinery and equipment to use longer, more resistant to wear and tear, and easy to clean.

Production efficiency: In industrialization is very common now; efficiency is life, and high production efficiency can help manufacturers get more orders and expand the market further.


  1. How are wafer biscuits made?

Wafer biscuits are made by mixing flour and water dispersion (batter) with small amounts of fat, sugar, salt, and sodium bicarbonate and then placing them in preheated molds. Yeast can be used instead of or together with sodium bicarbonate.


Traditional wafer cookies consist of two parts: a single cookie and filling. It is a two-layer or multi-layer cookie with wheat flour and starch as the main ingredients, with an emulsifier, bulking agent, and other auxiliary ingredients, which are blended, poured, and baked into a loose and porous flaky light crust, usually with sugar, fat, and other sandwich ingredients added between the crusts.


The commonly used food additives of wafer cookies are phospholipids (emulsifiers), bulking agents, ammonium bicarbonate, and sodium bicarbonate. The bulking agent is usually used in the crust to make the crust fluffy. Ammonium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate, in the case of heat decomposition, produce gas so that the crust is filled with air bubbles and puffy to achieve the effect of puffing cookies.


Wafer Biscuit Production Line Maintenance Process

1.After completing the daily production schedule, clean up and check-in time, and deal with any small problems in time.

2.Regularly carry out major inspections, check the equipment in the operation of some major problems, and timely repair.

3.For the problems that have arisen, do not delay; timely repair can extend the use of Wafer Making Machine time and reduce maintenance costs.

4.For some easy-to-wear parts to be equipped with good replacement parts, timely replacement ensures the equipment's normal operation.

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