Can You Add Water To Baby Puree?

May 8, 2021

The appearance of the baby brings new hope to a family, makes the whole family full of happiness. And at the same time brings all kinds of happy troubles. Newborn babies need breastfeeding. Breast milk contains various nutrients needed by the baby. Which can supplement the baby’s nutrition while also increasing the body’s resistance. However, as the baby grows up, breast milk can no longer be the only feeding standard. A variety of complementary foods should be added to the baby. The choice of complementary foods makes novice parents feel very headache.

When the baby is 4-6 months old, it is necessary to add some complementary foods while breastfeeding the baby to exercise the baby's chewing ability and adaptability to food. At this time, some purees usually the mainstay, such as vegetables puree, fruit puree, baby rice noodles, etc.. But many parents wonder whether to add water to these puree foods when making them for their babies. Will adding water cause any bad effects?

Many parents think that adding some water to baby puree food will destroy the nutrition. So they choose not to add water. In fact, this is incorrect. The main purpose of feeding the baby puree food is to let them learn how to swallow food, and some puree food are usually relatively viscous. And if they are swallowed directly by the baby, there may be a risk of suffocation, so adding water is necessary.

It is the most correct way to dilute the mashed food with water before giving it to the baby. It can not only exercise the baby's swallowing ability, but also replenish the vitamins and minerals lost during the cooking process, which is very beneficial to the baby.

In addition to water, some cooking liquid can also be added to the puree food. This mainly refers to the cooking of vegetable or fruit soups. These soups can not only dilute the puree foods well, but there will also be some in the soup. The nutrients from vegetables or fruits can supplement your baby's nutrition.

Secondly, you can use some chicken soup, chicken soup is rich in nutrients, and the taste will be better, which can make the baby love to eat puree food. Therefore, parents can prepare a little chicken soup in advance and put it in the refrigerator, and use it directly when needed.

Finally, you can use breast milk or formula milk powder, but never use frozen, because it may make the complementary food more solidified. Breast milk and formula milk powder are foods that babies eat daily, and babies will be more accustomed to them, and they are very nutritious. They are high-quality choices for diluted puree food.

It is very necessary to use liquid to dilute food for babies. Whether it is water or other liquids, parents can also buy them directly in the store. The agreed-upon mashed food is made using the baby rice powder production line. Strict scientific formula saves the trouble of making your own, and has a very high cost performance.

It is necessary to add water when feeding the baby puree food. Parents must remember, so that the baby can grow up better!

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