Core Filling Production Line

March 20, 2023

The core filling production line is a type of manufacturing system that produces food products such as cakes, biscuits, and pastries with a filling or a center that is different from the outer layer. The core filling production line consists of several machines that work together to produce the finished product.The core filling production line is a highly efficient and automated manufacturing system that can produce a large volume of food products with consistent quality and accuracy.The core filling process line is a typical type extruded food machine studied and developed by ourselves on the basis of learning from advanced technology in the world so that both its technical performance and products quality reach to the most advanced level in the world.The core filling process line can finish mixing,extruding,shaping, core- filling,cutting,baking and flavoring in one-pass operation automatically.

Flow Chart Of The Core Filling Production Line

  1. Mixer --- 2.Screw Conveyor --- 3.Twin Screw Extruder --- 4.Core Filler --- 5.Multi-Function Shaper--- 6.Hoister --- 7.Multi-Layer Oven --- 8.Flavoring Line --- 9.Cooling Convenyor --- 10.Packing Machine

Parameter Of Core Filling Production Line

Model Installed Power


Power Consumption






LY65 80kw 55kw 120-150kg/h 21000*1200*2200mm
LY70 115kw 95kw 200-250kg/h 23000*1500*2200mm
LY85 170kw 140kw 500-700kg/h 28000*3500*2200mm
LY90 230kw 164kw 800-1000kg/h 29000*2500*3500mm

Functions Of Core Filling Production Line

  1. Extrusion Of Snack Core:The first function of a core filling production line is to extrude the snack core. This involves mixing and processing the raw ingredients into a dough-like consistency, which is then pushed through a die to form the desired shape of the snack core.
  2. Filling Of Snack Core:Once the snack core is extruded, the next function of the production line is to fill the core with the desired filling. The filling is usually injected into the center of the snack core using a special filling nozzle.
  3. Cutting And Shaping: After the filling has been added, the snack core is cut and shaped into the final product using a cutting and shaping machine. This machine can cut the snack into various shapes and sizes, depending on the desired final product.
  4. Drying And Frying:After the snack has been cut and shaped, it is dried and fried to give it the desired texture and taste. The drying and frying process can take place in a separate machine or as part of the same production line.
  5. Seasoning: The final function of a core filling production line is to add seasoning to the snack. This can be done by coating the snack with a seasoning powder or by spraying the seasoning onto the snack using a special machine.

Overall, the main functions of a core filling production line are to automate the process of filling snacks with various types of fillings, cut and shape the snack into the desired form, and add seasoning to enhance the taste and flavor of the final product.

Advantages Of Core Filling Production Line

Increased Productivity A core filling production line can automate many of the manual tasks involved in food production, which can increase productivity and output. This can be especially useful for high-volume production runs.
Consistent Quality The use of a core filling production line can help ensure consistent quality in the finished product. The machinery is designed to apply consistent pressure and temperatures, which can lead to more uniform results.
Flexibility A core filling production line can be customized to produce a wide range of products with different flavors, shapes, and sizes. This can help food manufacturers stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.
Cost Savings Automating production processes can reduce labor costs and improve efficiency, which can result in significant cost savings over time.
Reduced Waste The use of a core filling production line can help reduce waste by minimizing errors and ensuring that products are produced to the desired specifications.

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