Does Homemade Dog Food Have More Benefits For Dogs?

October 20, 2021

Nowadays, the problem of food safety is becoming more and more serious. It is not only the diet of people, but also the diet of pets. "Poisonous dog food" seems to be more and more common, which makes many shit shovel officers very distressed.

In order to give their dogs the healthiest diet, many shit scavengers have decided to make some food for their dogs by themselves, choosing the freshest ingredients, and spending a lot of time to make carefully made pet food. Is it right for dogs? Do dogs have more benefits?

Does homemade dog food have more benefits for dogs?

For many dog owners, homemade dog food seems to be much simpler than choosing commercial food. There is no need for careful comparison, no need to review evaluations and research formulas. You only need to choose high-quality ingredients to make, and the production method is relatively simple. However, this homemade dog food does not seem to be as perfect as everyone thinks. Although it is healthier, it also has many drawbacks.

Advantages of homemade dog food:

  1. Homemade dog food can use relatively high-quality ingredients, and it will not add some harmful substances, so it is very healthy and much better than some inferior dog food.
  2. The taste of homemade dog food is similar to human food, and the palatability is better. Dogs are more willing to eat this kind of homemade dog food.

However, the disadvantages of homemade dog food are also obvious:

Incomplete nutrition

When many people make their own dog food, they usually choose a few relatively simple ingredients and make them into dog food through simple cooking, which will make the nutrition in the dog food unbalanced. To make a nutritionally balanced dog food, you need to study the dog's food intake, the nutrients the dog needs, and the nutrition contained in various ingredients. It is very complicated. Homemade dog food cannot meet this standard.

There are hidden dangers in health and safety issues

When making homemade dog food, people usually make a lot of it at once, and then store it and give it to the dog every day. However, the storage method is a more difficult problem, because homemade dog food has not been well sterilized. Storage conditions are not very good, so long-term storage will cause many hygiene problems in dog food.

Therefore, it is not recommended to make self-made dog food for dogs. It cannot provide protection for dogs in terms of nutrition and hygiene and safety. On the contrary, commercial food is of high quality.

The commercial food uses very professional food formulas, selects various ingredients, and adds some trace elements. The nutrients are rich and comprehensive. The scientific and reasonable ratio can better promote the growth of dogs. In addition, dog food is produced using very advanced technology, has a very clean and hygienic production environment, and is also equipped with sterilization measures, and the hygienic standard is very high.

Although some shovel officials believe that commercial food has quality and safety problems, as long as you choose dog food produced by a regular manufacturer, you can rest assured, and choosing commercial food can save a lot of time and make feeding more convenient.

Nowadays, the market demand for commercial food is very high. Using Dog Treat Making Machine can produce very high-quality dog food. The equipment is reliable in quality, high in automation, simple in operation, convenient in installation and maintenance. It is an excellent equipment that you can trust and use!

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