How Are Corn Flakes Prepared?

August 3, 2021

Cornflakes are a new fast food, which is the world's most popular cereal leisure food. The corn flakes are very convenient, and the corn flakes are very delicious, but also inherited the nutrition of corn, it can be said to be a good choice, and the corn flakes can have a lot of ways, when breakfast or late night is quite good.

Moreover, the moietary preservation time is long, which is easy to carry, which can be eaten directly, and can be processed into other foods.

So How Are Corn Flakes Prepared?

The corn flakes are completed by professional Corn Flake Production Line. Nowadays, Corn Flake Production Line is the fastest automatic food equipment, and there are many types. No matter what needs, you can choose the right machine.

Device configuration of Corn Flake Production Line:
Mix powder machine → extrusion granulation → vibration cloth → rolling cooling → Tablet baking → High temperature infusion → secondary cooling → Spray paint → 2 baking → cooling → packaging

If you plan to carry out cornflakes, you must choose an efficient Corn Flake Production Line, and the appropriate machine can save your investment costs to bring you more profit space. In addition, do some preparations, sufficient preparation, make your business more smooth.

First, you should know the investment cost, the price of the cornflake production machine, cover area, and organize the productivity of the machine. By understanding these conditions, you can choose the right machine. Different investors have different investments.

Second, choose a reliable manufacturer. There are many puffed food machine manufacturers on the market. You should compare factories, professional technicians, technology, pre-sales services, and food machinery quality. Comprehensive comparison can help you make a good choice.

Due to a good reputation, many customers want to purchase cornflake production lines from our Leader MicroWAVE Equipment Company. We have a professional R & D team, a production team, a sales team, a trade document team and a after-sales service team. Therefore, we can provide you with one-stop service. You can purchase food puffed manufacturing machines or cornflakes from our factory.

Third, prepare for the production of raw materials for processing cornflakes. If you don't have a raw material, you should find a partner that supplys cereals. High quality raw materials can be made of high quality corn flakes. When you want to buy a cornflake machine, you should do these preparations. Be carefully prepared carefully before investing, then use half of the effort to complete twice.

Why choose automatic Corn flag production line?

  1. Adopt advanced inverter speed control technology, make equipment operation more smooth, more power saving;
  2. The screw uses alloy steel nitrogen nitrogen-nitriding treatment, the life of the screw is longer, and the building block combination structure can be used according to different needs;
  3. Force lubrication system to ensure that the equipment transmission part has a longer life;
  4. Visual automatic temperature control system to make temperature control more intuitive, more accurate parameters;
  5. The screw has a self-cleaning function, there is no need to disassemble the screw cleaning, which is convenient and fast, saving manpower;
  6. Linear bearing adjusters, safety, accurate, and fast
  7. The large-scale pressure roller design makes the tablets thicker, higher yield, and a fitting device in front of the pressure roller, prevents the press stick, and the pressure roll is equipped with anti-stick design, prevent pressure roller adhesive, tablet mass stability;
  8. All incubation case, efficient use of thermal cycling wind, energy consumption is reduced;
  9. The dust can be automatically separated, sanitary and safe.
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