How Do You Make Good Cow Feed?

April 24, 2021

The cow is industrious. The whole life of the cow is dedicated to humans. We get milk, beef, steak, etc. from the cow. The whole body of the cow is a treasure. Therefore, the cow is also regarded as a symbol of wealth.

Cow breeding has become more and more common. The choice of feed is a very important matter during the breeding process, which will affect the market value of cow to a large extent. Therefore, high-quality cow feed will be sought after by the majority of farmers. Many nutrient-rich cow feeds are expensive. And after a breeding cycle, they will not make money and may even lose money.

Therefore, many farmers began to change their minds and make their own cow feed. Cow is a ruminant, and its diet is generally based on two kinds of forage and concentrated feed. Forages are generally based on fresh grass, hay, and tree stems and leaves. Common coarse materials include distiller’s grains, tofu residue, etc., which are very easy to buy.

We can make the fodder by ourselves, but not the concentrated fodder.

The core raw materials in cow feed are vitamins, trace elements, calcium, phosphorus, salt, fattening agents, anti-disease drugs, etc. Although these core raw materials are used in a small amount in the feed, their effect is irreplaceable. And any one is missing. All species will cause problems in the growth and development of cow. In addition, these raw materials are expensive. The amount is small, and the shelf life is short. If the farmers buy them themselves, they will not only have a heavy economic burden but also easily cause waste. Therefore, the best way is to buy a premix.

The premix is rich in the necessary nutrient elements needed for the growth of cow, and there are several ratios such as 4%, 5%, 6%, etc. We can choose according to the different growth stages of the cow. After using the premix, you can add some other raw materials, such as corn, wheat bran, soybean meal, baking soda, vegetable oil, flax cake and rapeseed cake.

Among them, corn usually accounts for more than 60%, wheat bran accounts for about 10%, soybean meal accounts for about 8%. Flax cake or rapeseed cake accounts for about 15%, baking soda and vegetable oil each account for about 1%. And the final premix accounts for about 5 %. Other raw materials added to cow feed can be adjusted according to local conditions, and the use of raw materials can be changed according to seasonal changes and price fluctuations.

A reasonable formula can reasonably configure various feed materials, balance the nutritional structure, and make full use of the local existing raw materials to adjust the feed structure to achieve the goal of saving breeding costs.

The above is the method of making high-quality cow feed by yourself. In fact, many manufacturers have adopted various methods to reduce the production cost in order to reduce the price of cow feed. Among them, the use of high-quality feed production lines is one of the effective solutions. The feed production line produced by our company is low in price, small in area, can realize fully automated production, has high production quality and production efficiency, and can effectively reduce production costs.

The cow feed produced by this feed production line can effectively attract buyers and expand the market scale. If you want to buy high-quality cow feed. You may wish to try the feed produced by this production line, which will surely make you feel the surprise of high quality and low price!

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