How Does The Small Twist Snacks Production Line Work?

March 9, 2021

This Industrial automatic small twist snacks processing line can make different kinds fried snacks. Such as rice crusts,chips, potato sticks ,bugles,pizza rolls, doritos. And then, it bases on changing die moulds and receipe. At the same time, the finished products made by small twist snacks production line are very crispy ,delicious, and less oil.

Raw Materials: potato starch, corn starch, tapioca starch and flour, etc.

Process Composition Of Small Twist Snacks Making Production Line :
1. Powder mixing machine: At the same time, choose different types of powder mixing machine according to the output of the small twist snack making machine.
2. Feeding machine:And then,  using the motor as the power screw conveying to ensure convenient and fast feeding.
3. Extruder: Choose different types of extruder according to the output of the fried snacks making production line. And then the output can select according to the actual production. At the same time, Corn meal, cereal meal, bone meal, meat meal, etc. can use as raw materials. At the same time, the specific product shape can replace with molds.

4.Cutting machine: And then, small twist snacks cutting machine. At the same time, the size of the small twist can be adjusted according to customer requirements.
5. Fryer: At the same time, it can be configured according to customer requirements. And then the oil throwing type is more economical.
6. Seasoning line: At the same time, there are octagonal tube, single drum, double drum seasoning lines. And then they are configured according to the output and the nature.

Advantage Of Small Twist Snacks Making Machine:

1 And then, the whole small twist snacks making equipment is made of stainless steel. At the same time, it is hygienic, safe and reliable. And then, it is easy to clean.
2 The small twist snack making processing line design follows the automatic assembly line production, with a small area and less labor.
3 The operation of the small twist making procession line is simple, time-saving and labor-saving. And then labor consumption is reduced.
4 There is no boiler. At the same time, no waste gas or waste water during the reproduction process of the small twist snacks making production line.
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