How is Kurkure snack produced?

November 10, 2021

Kurkure is one of the most popular brand of corn puffs available in India by PepsiCo and developed entirely in the country from automated plants at Kolkata, Punjab and Pune.Kurkure is the kind of popular snack you can find in every corner in India. Actually, it can be said to be the most popular snack food nationwide. You can easily find Kurkure in any store on the streets of India.

Product description Kurkure Puffcorn is a tasty, light and fluffy snack with an irresistibly yummy cheese flavour, sparking fun and playful moments between children and their mothers. About the brand:Kurkure is a crunchy, new-age Pack namkeen snack brand which symbolizes light-hearted fun. You might be wondering, how is such a unique snack produced?

How is Kurkure produced?

Kurkure was launched in India in 1999 and is a type of corn puffs which are made by mixing different grain meals like corn meal, gram meal, rice meal, spices, and condiments with added seasonings includes sugar, salt, food flavor, and coloring, etc. It is a fried snack and easily available in every nook and cranny in India. The production process requires the use of more professional extrusion equipment, and then the raw materials are mixed and extruded. Production is carried out through the processes of puffing, drying, seasoning, cooling, and packaging.

 The following provides you with an introduction of the specific production process of Kurkure:

First step is to convey the mixed ingredients into the mixer according to Kurkure’s food formula, giving it a fully thorough stir for a complete even mix after adding the right amount of water.

After that, the mixed primary materials are sent into the twin-screw extruder. In this equipment, the raw materials are rubbed and squeezed to form a high temperature and high pressure environment. The moment it is squeezed out, it will create a fluffy and porous structure. The method allows products produced have an irresistibly crunchy taste. It will also taste very crispy.

The extruded Kurkure will then be transported to the dryer for drying.

After drying, the moisture content is reduced, which can maintain a more crispy taste for much longer period of time. Kurkure is the perfect savory snack to have at tea time. The Masala Munch is a classic Kurkure flavour with a great combination of spice and crunch.

After that, it needs to be seasoned. The more popular Kurkure flavors include Marsala flavor, tomato flavor, spicy flavor, etc., and each flavor has its popular crowd.

The prepared Kurkure will be transported into the cooler for cooling procedure. Kurkure after cooling can maintain a relatively crispy taste for a long time after packaging. The procesure ensures a high quality.

If the packaging is carried out directly at high temperature without cooling, it is very easy to cause Kurkure to re-moisture and become soft due to the high temperature.

The last step is to use the packaging machine for packaging.

The above is the overall introduction of the process of Kurkure production, Kurkure are extruded snacks, very crunchy and great in taste. Kurkure are made by extrusion process. The kurkure corn meal is moisturized in the flour mixer with water and fed to the rotary die extruder. In the extruder, due to excess heat and pressure from the screws the meal gets heated and the moisture content gets reduced. The meal passed through the die and gets cut by the cutting knifes into required lengths. The kurkure are fried in cooking oil and then cooled before flavoring. Seasoning is sprayed on the kurkure to improve their taste. Only by using professional equipment can high-quality Kurkure be produced, thereby gaining more loyal customers.

A significant number of well-known food processing plants are now using the Kurkure Manufacturing Machine. This is the most advanced type of food machinery within the industry. Besides, the machinery is produced by us after investing a great deal and adopting the most advanced research and development experience within in the market globally with superb quality standards.

Kurkure manufacturing equipment uses very advanced extrusion technology. The processed Kurkure is not only crispy and rich in taste, but also has relatively high nutritional content, which greatly reduces the adverse impact on the human body. Snacks meeting the psychological need offer an emotional boost during stressful times or when a consumer feels the need to indulge.

Many manufacturers using this equipment responded that the quality of Kurkure produced after using this equipment has been greatly improved, and it has become more popular in the market, thus winning more abundant profits.

The most important thing is that Kurkure Manufacturing Machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is highly reliable in quality, stable in operation, highly automatic, low in price, and cost-effective. It has many significant advantages and can bring a very obvious level of production technology to the majority of manufacturers. The promotion.

If you are also looking for a high-level production equipment to improve your production technology level, I believe Kurkure production equipment is your most reliable choice!

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