How is soybean meat produced?

August 31, 2021

Meat is the ideal source of protein we get on a daily basis and for meat lovers, it is very difficult to go without it for a few days, but too much meat is not healthy and can cause obesity and thus increase the risk of various diseases. Now, a new food, soya meat, has become the perfect alternative to animal meat.

Soy meat has the taste of animal meat and even higher protein content than animal meat, so it is now in high demand in the market and is a very popular food for many vegetarians. Many people want to know how bean meat is made. We have more than 10 years of experience in the bean meat industry and below you will find details of how bean meat is made.

How is bean meat made?

The process of making bean meat is complex and requires the use of soya beans and peanuts as the main raw materials, followed by grinding, mixing, conditioning, high temperature, high pressure and cutting processes to form a chain-like reorganisation of the round protein moisture to form a flaky fibrous structure. The main equipment used to make bean meat includes mixers, twin-screw extruders, forming machines, dryers, coolers and packaging machines.

Here are the details of how to make bean meat:

The main raw materials used in the production of bean meat are soya beans and peanuts. The raw materials are mixed in a mixer with an appropriate amount of water and then blended well, if a dry powder mixer is used no water is required.

The ingredients are then transferred via a conveyor to a twin-screw extruder, where they are extruded at a high temperature and pressure, and the structure of the raw material is changed to form a flaky fibrous structure, which can be produced in different shapes, such as round, rectangular and rectangular.

The extruded bean meat is conveyed through an air conveyor to a dryer for drying, allowing the meat to lose moisture, creating a chewy texture and effectively extending the shelf life.

Afterwards, the meat is cooled in a cooling machine to prevent it from returning to moisture after packing, and finally it is packed in a packaging machine.

This is the process of producing bean meat using the Soya Meat Making Machine, a professional machine that has received excellent reviews in the industry and is highly regarded by us. Soya meat is the perfect substitute for meat and is used in a wide range of industries such as canning, condiments, ham, meat and cooking, making it very versatile and in high demand.

The Soya Meat Making Machine is a very convenient machine for our production. It is reliable, long-lasting and fully automated, with high production efficiency and low labour requirements, and is energy efficient, with low energy consumption and no pollution during production. We have decided to use it for a long time.

With the help of this production line, we have effectively improved our economic efficiency and gained a broader market. We believe that we will definitely gain more recognition from consumers as long as we use high quality raw materials, produce with the bean meat machine and serve the majority of consumers with our heart. With the promotion of science and technology, the food processing industry will definitely show greater progress, and we always work hard for this day to come!

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