How Much Does It Cost To Start a Biscuit Factory?

April 23, 2021

Biscuits have always occupied half of the snack food industry. In our daily life, whether it is the elderly or children, men or women, or among all social classes, biscuits are very popular, and it integrated into the lives of the public well. Biscuits are nutritious, easy to digest, and easy to carry, so the demand for biscuits is increasing.

It is precisely because the demand for biscuits is very large and the profits are abundant, so many people want to open a biscuit factory. For those of us who are inexperienced, how much investment does it take to build a biscuit factory?

The specific investment to establish a biscuit factory needs to be determined according to the scale of the factory. If you want to have a good income, it is recommended to open a biscuit factory that can produce about 500 tons of biscuits per year. The investment required for such a factory is as follows:

1. Venue
First, you need to plan a reasonable site, about 800 square meters, if you have the ability, you can buy it directly, but the most reasonable way is to rent a site, of course, after the site is selected, a production workshop will be built. This is another relatively large investment, and it would be best if the rented site had a ready-made workshop.

2. Raw Materials
Based on the production of 500 tons of biscuits per year, the approximate raw materials required are as follows:
350 tons of wheat flour
100 tons of sugar
60 tons of vegetable fat
8 tons of liquid glucose
Other raw materials such as yeast powder, milk powder, colorings, seasonings and packaging materials can be purchased in appropriate quantities.

3. Equipment
If you want to make high-quality biscuits, you must purchase a high-quality biscuit production line, you can contact us, we will provide you with the most cost-effective biscuit production line, the main equipment is flour sifter, mixer, molding machine, extruder, conveyor, oven, fuel injection machine and packaging machine, etc.

The production line is all made of food-grade stainless steel. The highly automated production method can reduce labor demand, and it has a small area and high output. It is the best equipment for manufacturers to reduce costs and expand production. You can contact us if you have any needs. Our Loyal engineers will provide you with satisfactory solutions.

4. Labor
The establishment of a work department makes biscuit production more stable and efficient.
It required personnel include workers, administrators, salesmen, etc.

The above is the things to invest in opening a biscuit factory. Of course, there will be some unexpected situations that require some unexpected investment. The total investment is about $100,000. If you want to expand the scale of production, you naturally need to invest bigger funding.

Opening a biscuit factory must be responsible to customers while making money. Therefore, it is very necessary to buy good raw materials and biscuit production lines. You are welcome to contact us and we will give you more guidance!

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