How to choose feed?

October 9, 2021

The development of my country’s aquaculture industry can be described as rapid progress, and feed is the basis and key to the development of the aquaculture industry. In the cost of raising livestock and poultry, feed costs account for more than half. Feed factories produce a variety of feed varieties, and the Feed Production Line can produce many types of feed.

Faced with a variety of feeds, how to choose feeds correctly, so as to reduce breeding costs and improve economic benefits, is a problem that farmers and feeds should pay attention to. The quality of the purchase of feeds is directly related to the production efficiency of the aquaculture industry. The following is a detailed introduction to the method of purchasing feed.

When consumers buy feed, they cannot distinguish the quality of the feed based on the appearance. Most farmers mistakenly think that the good color and flavor is the high-quality feed. In fact, most of these feeds are added with many additives. Refer to the following method:

  1. Look evenly

High-quality feed is generally mixed evenly during the manufacturing process. The surface of the feed is smooth, the particle size is uniform, the pellets are cooled well, and there is no polarization phenomenon that is too large or too small. Inferior feeds are generally polarized and have different particle sizes. The difference can be seen by grabbing a handful of different parts of each package of feed.

  1. Look at the color

Since different feed manufacturers have different formulas for producing feed, and the colors of feed ingredients are also different, a uniform color standard cannot be used to measure. However, a certain type of feed of a certain brand is relatively stable for a certain period of time. If the color difference is too large when purchasing the same brand, you should pay attention to it. The quality of the feed may be poor, so it is best not to buy it.

  1. Smell the smell

High-quality feed should have the unique aroma of soybeans, corn, etc., and should not have other peculiar smells. Some inferior feeds add more flavors to cover up the musty smell of raw material deterioration. Although they are particularly fragrant, they are not good feeds. Pay special attention to this aspect, you may be able to discern mistakes if you don't pay attention.

  1. Look at the trademark

Formal feed packaging should be neat and beautiful, with clear factory address, manufacturer, address, telephone and other information, registered trademarks, and registered trademarks with an R mark on the upper right. The information on the packaging bags of some counterfeit and shoddy products is fake, and there is no registered trademark. Pay attention to this aspect.

  1. Look at the production date

Regardless of whether it is high-quality feed or poor-quality feed, it must be used within the warranty period. It is best to buy the feed once and ensure that it is used up within the warranty period. You should choose products that are tightly packaged, dry and loose, and within the shelf life. If there are phenomena such as moisture, poor color, and compaction, it means that the feed may have deteriorated, so don't buy it.

In general, the quality of the feed depends mainly on the effect of feeding. Before purchasing, you should understand the performance, content, composition, use and other aspects of the product, and combine the type, weight, and weight of the livestock and poultry you raise. For growth and development, choose the right feed for feeding. You can buy small batches of feed first. If the ideal feeding effect is achieved, it can meet the needs of animals. When buying in large quantities, you must be targeted when buying, and you must not buy it blindly.

The above is about how to buy feed. Generally, you can buy high-quality and suitable feed by paying attention to these points when purchasing. Nowadays, feed processing plants generally use the Feed Production Line to produce feed. The feed produced by this line can be said to be Quite high-quality, can meet the needs of different animals, you can buy with confidence.

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