Large-capacity Instant Noodle Production Line

February 17, 2023

The Loyal series fried instant noodle production line has the advantages of advanced technology, high capacity, low consumption and high  degree of automation. It adopts touch screen delivery presetting, photoelectric tracking, frequency control and PLC program controi from ripening process to cooling process has realizes stand-alone fine tuning,whole line linkage,synchronous acceleration and deceleration program control.The production line features automatic control of frying temperature, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance, low oil content of noodle cake and high rate of qualified product. The dough maker adopts elliptic blade double-shaft double-speed technology, large amount of water can be added, and materials will more uniformly mixed with water. Ripening ma-chine adopts static dough standing technology which basically guarantees the dough curing consistency. The Pressing Machine adopts 9 pairs of chilled hard alloy rollers,soakingflavouring technology is adopted after steaming.The equip-ment surfaces food touched adopt stainless steel and food grade materials, accord with requirement of the food hygien-ic standard. The produced noodles have the characteristics of deliciousness, crispness, smoothness and chewiness.

Large-capacity Instant Noodle Production Line:

1.Flour Conveyor --- 2. Alkali Liquid Weighing Tank --- 3.biaxial mixing Machine --- 4.Compound Rolling Machine --- 5.Continuous Rolling Machine --- 6.Steaming Machine --- 7.Cutting,Folding&Dividing Machine --- 8.Distributing Machine --- 9.Frying Machine --- 10.Cooling Machine --- 11.Finished Product Conveyor --- 12.Packing Machine

Large-capacity Instant Noodle Production Line Advantages

we are the first one we can adopt the Vacuum negative pressure cold extrusion technology. Loyal series fried instant noodle production line has advanced technology, high capacity, low consumption and high automation,  from maturation to the cooling process all adopt the touch screen process parameter presetting,
photoelectric tracking, frequency conversion speed control, PLC program control, photoelectric tracking, frequency conversion speed control and PLC program control, realizing single machine fine-tuning, whole line linkage and synchronous lifting speed control.
Realize the whole line synchronous coordination control, cut off the number of knife show, surface fast Weight can be adjusted in the state of non-stop machine. Frying temperature self-control, safe and reliable, easy maintenance, low oil content of pastry, authentic high rate. Mixing machine adopts elliptical type paddle double shaft double speed technology, add more water, material in the moisture combination more uniform. Maturing machine It adopts the technology of static dough waking, which basically ensures the consistency of dough maturing. Noodle rolling machine adopts 9 pairs of cold and hard alloy rollers, and the noodles After steaming, it adopts soaking and flavoring technology. The equipment and food contact surface are made of stainless steel and food grade material, which meets the food The equipment is made of stainless steel and food-grade material to meet the requirements of food hygiene standards.


The product has the characteristics of fragrant, crispy and crispy, and the noodles are smooth and sinewy.

Large-capacity Instant Noodle Production Line Parameters


Large-capacity instant noodle Production line parameters

Device mode

Yield Steam consumption Kg/hour Size of Fnctor:Model No.


0pening width Installed capacity


Operator (2 Without packaging people)



30.000pieces/8h 1000-1200


60×6×4.5 216~260 42


LYN-II  6Y 60.000 pieces/8h 1200-1400 76×8×4.5 300~330 56 4
LYN-II  8Y 80.000 pieces/8h 1300-1500 76×8×4.5 420~450 68 6
LYN-II  10Y 100,000 pieces/8h 1400-1600 95×8×5.0 420~450 80 6
LYN-II 12Y 120,000 pieces/8h 1800-2000 95×8×5.0 510~550 83 6
LYN-II 16Y 160,000 pieces/8h 2000-2400 110×10×5.5 630~650 106 7
LYN-II  18Y 180,000 pieces/8h 2400-2600 110×10×5.5 720~730 114 7
LYN-II  20Y 200,000 pieces/8h 2600-2800 120×12×5.5 765~800 125




250,000 pieces/8h 3000-3200 120×12×5.5 870~900 190



 Large-capacity Instant Noodle Production Line Application

The instant noodle production line is suitable for the production process of instant noodles with large and small outputs. It is fully automatic and requires less labor. After passing the production line process, it can be directly sold.

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