Six Advantages Of Cat Feed Lines

July 3, 2022

Cat feed production line is a high-end equipment for the food industry. Cat feed production line can produce all kinds of pet food such as dog food, fish feed, poultry feed, rabbit feed and so on.

Protein meal extruder is an important part of cat feed production line. Protein meal extruder is used to process protein meal into powder or pellet shape. The advantage of protein meal extruder is it can make different shapes and sizes according to customers’ request.

High degree of automation: the whole machine operates automatically from raw material to finished product.

The whole production line can be controlled by PLC or touch screen. It is convenient and easy to operate, and the loading and unloading of raw materials can be done automatically.

The entire production line is equipped with a dust removal device, which ensures that the machine runs smoothly and stable.

The whole production line consists of four parts: feeding system, mixing system, extrusion system and cutting system. The feeding system mainly includes feeders, conveyor belt and bucket elevator; The mixing system mainly includes mixing tank, screw conveyor and screw chiller; The extrusion system mainly includes extruder and die head; The cutting system mainly includes cutting machine and cutter head.

Top 6 Cat Feed Production Line Advantages

Top 6 Cat Feed Production Line Advantages

Low energy consumption: Only need to add one set of steam generator, the steam consumption per ton is low.

Simple structure: The whole production line adopts PLC program control, each part of the machine has a function, and the operation is very simple.

High efficiency: The entire production process is fully automatic, no manual operations and no pollution.

Low investment cost: The investment costs are low, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, which can reduce the cost by 30% compared with other products on the market.

Good quality: Our company has strict product quality control standards. All products will be tested before shipment, so that our customers can receive high quality products at home.

Good quality of final products: The pellets are smooth and solid, with no powder and crack on the surface by cat feed production line.

The pellet size is adjustable from 0.8mm to 2.0mm by adjusting the speed of the screw, which can meet the needs of different kinds of cats.

Low noise: The noise level is less than 80 dB when working normally and below 60-80 dB during operation with a protective cover installed.

Easy operation: Automatic feeding process can be completed in just one hour, which saves labor cost effectively.

Low energy consumption: Cat feed production line only consumes 2KW/h power when running normally and 1KW/h when idle.

Quality Guarantee:The main spare parts adopt high-quality alloy steel, so the equipment has long service life and easy maintenance by cat feed production line.

The motor adopts high-efficiency AC frequency conversion, with small size, light weight, low noise and long service life.

The equipment is controlled by PLC system, which can realize automatic control of mixing, heating and stirring processes.

The time for one batch of feeding can be adjusted through PLC control system according to the requirements of customers or different materials of raw materials.

The electrical components are imported from Italy Schneider Electric Company with high quality and reasonable price. The machine is equipped with advanced temperature control system to ensure that the temperature of raw material is stable during processing. It also has a unique design that greatly reduces energy consumption during production process.

Wide application:can produce floating fish feed pellets, sinking fish feed pellets and pet food (dogs, cats and etc.) by cat feed production line.

Cat Feed Production Line is the equipment which can produce floating fish feed pellets, sinking fish feed pellets and pet food (dogs, cats and etc.) by cat feed production line. The machine is composed of a hopper, a screw conveyor, a screw extruder and other components. The material will be transported to the upper hopper through the feeding device. Then it will be conveyed by the screw conveyor to the heating barrel where it will be melted into a plastic mass by heat from the heating barrel. Afterward, the extruded plastic mass will be cooled down in cooling barrel to form solidified plastic products which are shaped as pellets by pelletizer machine. When the pelletizing process is completed, they will fall down into packaging bucket automatically which is connected with packaging device by belt conveyor. After all the pellets are packed up successfully in packages, they will be discharged out of packaging machine automatically by discharge device.

Environment friendliness:the cat feed production line is in good sealing condition, which can reduce dust pollution and noise pollution.

Sealing:the whole production process has a complete sealing, which can effectively avoid the loss of raw materials and finished products, and ensure the quality of the final product.

Pre-heating:feeding machine adopts a high-quality pre-heating device to ensure that the temperature of the material entering into the machine is controlled within 0.5 ℃ accuracy and meets the requirements of various materials.

Feeding:feeding machine adopts precision feeding system with double hoppers to realize automatic feeding according to different materials’ process requirement at different time.

Mixing:mixing tank adopts high-speed stirring device with intelligent control system to make sure mixing speed is stable and uniform during production process.

Blending:blending tank has double layers of sieve with large aperture made by Germany technology;it can precisely discharge material evenly without leaving any residue in each layer of sieve;it will greatly improve the blending efficiency and reduce material loss during blending process;thereby improving output rate.

The advantages of our machines are: High Capacity, Good Technology, High Quality and Competitive Price. We will continue to pay greater attention to their new products, especially the cat feed production line, which has many advantages.

Conveyor type Cat feed production line has the features of simple structure, fast running speed, easy controlling and adjusting, low noise and low energy consumption, etc. Compared with the traditional production line, it can be said that this kind of equipment works more stably with high automation degree and small volume. So it is an optimal equipment for you to choose.

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