What are pet foods and what are their functions?

November 11, 2021

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people keep pets. As the main food source for pets, pet food is also developing better and better. The Pet Food Production Line is the latest research and development equipment, which is specially used to produce various pet foods. The foods produced are very high-quality and healthy, which can meet the needs of pets.

There are many types of pet food, and there are different classifications according to different classification methods, and each has different functions. Pet food is specially produced for small pets, rich in a variety of nutrients, suitable for the nutritional needs of various pets. Let's take a look at the types and functions of pet food.

Meat food category:

Meat food is a kind of food that little pets love very much. This kind of food contains a lot of nutrients, has a strong meaty taste, and is also tough and chewy. When pets are enjoying the deliciousness of this kind of dried meat, their teeth will completely enter into the dried meat and be closely integrated with it. After repeated chewing, they will clean their teeth. Its function is like flossing to clean teeth. Same.

In addition, meat pet food tastes very good and chewy, so pets are willing to spend a longer time chewing, so that it takes longer to clean their teeth, which can better ensure the effect of cleaning teeth and reduce teeth. The accumulation of plaque and dental calculus will make pets breathe fresher and will no longer have unpleasant bad breath when approaching.

Teeth chewing gum category:

Just like people need to brush their teeth, oral cleaning is also a major event in pets' lives. After eating, there are many food residues left in the gaps between teeth. Pets will feel uncomfortable and want to clean their teeth. If the teeth are not cleaned in time, if the teeth are not cleaned for a long time, they will become less and less fond of eating, leading to nutritional deficiencies and reducing life span.

Teeth chew pet food can effectively exercise the pet's jaw chewing ability, grind the pet's teeth, and prevent calculus. Because such products are relatively hard and very chew-resistant, they can also be used as pet toys to prevent pets from biting at home.

Deodorizing biscuits:

The nutrition of deodorant biscuit pet food is relatively balanced and comprehensive. It can supplement your pet with sufficient nutrition and make pets develop more perfect. Deodorant biscuits can also clean the pet's mouth, protect the teeth and remove oral odors.

In addition, this kind of food can also regulate the energy and digestion, increase the pet's appetite and improve the immunity. Biscuit is also a good helper when training pets. After the pet has completed the specified behavior well, the deodorant biscuit can be used as a reward.

Wet foods:

Wet food pet food has a high moisture content. Wet food can help pets replenish water well. During the food exchange period, pets' feed intake is low. Feeding wet food can help them eat. In summer, due to the relatively high temperature , Pets do not like to eat, adding wet food can also help them eat.

The types and functions of pet food have been introduced to everyone here. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding after reading it. The types of pet food introduced above can all be processed and produced through the Pet Food Production Line. This production line shows excellent performance in the production of pet food, and can produce pet food of different shapes and different flavors to meet the different needs of pets.

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