What is an animal feed mill?

May 13, 2021

The market demand for animal feed is showing an extremely rising trend, which is mainly due to the rapid growth of the world's population and the improvement of the people's living standards, so the demand for animals is also increasing. The rapid development of the aquaculture industry means that it can drive the development of related industries. Animal feed is the industry that has the most direct impact.Today, the market urgently needs high-quality animal feed. And the profit margin is huge. This has also attracted many entrepreneurs to enter this area. One industry.

There are many links in the animal feed industry. If you want to produce high-quality animal feed, each link is very importantAmong them, the most basic is the grinding of animal feed. This link is the basis for subsequent production of feed. So what exactly is animal feed grinding?

IIn the animal feed processing industry, various raw materials such as grains, meal, powdered sugar, bran and additives are ground, fed and weighed. Then mix them together to get the final feed. The raw materials are then ground into grains. The meal process is to grind animal feed.

Grinding animal feed has many benefits. Some feeds have hard glumes, seed coats and starch granules on the surface, which make the feed form a natural protective layer, which prevents the infiltration of digestive juices and prevents the production of digestive enzymes. The effect seriously affects the absorption of nutrients and leads to waste. Therefore, according to the structure and digestive characteristics of the animal's digestive tract, crushing this type of feed can break this protection, increase the contact area between the digestive juice and the feed, make digestive enzymes work, and improve digestion utilization.

In fact, the final grinding thickness will affect the palatability of the feed to a large extent. If the feed is too fine, it will affect the palatability. On the other hand, because the feed contains more gluten and mucopolysaccharides, it is easy to pellet in the intestine Clumping affects the infiltration of digestive juices and reduces the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Therefore, the feed should not be too fine, but should be in a reasonable thickness.

This is a test of the level of equipment. High-quality equipment can give animal feed the greatest advantage and provide animals with the most nutritious feed. The feed production line of Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. has gained recognition from many manufacturers.

We have very rich research and development experience, and we have gained experience in practice. The feed produced by our feed production line is very popular among farmers, and the advantages of high quality and low price make the market of feed manufacturers continue to expand. We can guarantee that our equipment must have the highest cost performance, stable quality, and convenient maintenance. Our years of research and development are only to provide manufacturers with the most convenient production method. In addition, our biscuit production line, bean meat machine and baby food production line are all well received. Praise.

Grinding of animal feed is a very important link, which will affect the quality of feed to a certain extent. Using our feed production line will provide you with the most unexpected surprises!

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