Who is the largest pet food company?

July 19, 2021

As the economy grows, more and more people have their pets, such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, hamsters, etc. They love their pets like their own children, so they need to provide healthy food for their pets. And the demand for all kinds of pet food is getting higher and higher, then the production of pet food will be a very promising industry.

Seeing this business opportunity, more and more pet food companies are also booming. Who is the largest pet food company? This is actually inaccurate. The development of the pet food market will change at any time. Pet food companies are influenced by many factors, and its development is not always in the same state.

Pet food is processed and made with a variety of raw materials. From the perspective of palatability, foods mostly use fish, poultry, and other meat as raw materials. The raw materials used for chewing, such as dog chews, are mostly animal skins, plants, etc. Most of the products for removing bad breath are made into small biscuits, and the raw materials are mainly fruits and vegetables... This shows that in the processing stage of pet food raw materials, it is necessary to be equipped with corresponding food machinery and equipment to process according to different raw materials.

According to the market demand, our company has developed various models and settings of Pet Food Production Line. By adjusting the technical parameters of raw materials, temperature, moisture, etc., the products have a unique shape, elegant texture, rich in nutrition, and suitable for various pets. This Pet Food Production Line can be widely used to produce pet food for dogs, cats, shrimps, fish, birds, etc.

Pet food production line features:

1、The extruder is mainly composed of feeding, pretreatment, extrusion, and cutting system.

2、 The main machine adopts a frequency converter to adjust the screw speed according to the formula change.

3、 Adopting a building block system (BBS) can be adjusted for different technologies.

4、Biaxial pre-conditioning with good mixing and tempering effect to improve production capacity.

5、 Can meet different shapes of feed production for dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc.

6、Self-cleaning can be cleaned without disassembling when stopping.

7、Can process various materials, frequency conversion speed control, high degree of automation, stable molding, and long life.

8、Adopting special materials and technology, resistant to wear and tear, longer life.

Pet food production line process flow:

Raw material preparation → mixing raw material → conveying → extrusion → conveying → drying → oil spraying → flavoring → packaging

Pet food production line equipment list:

Mixer --- Screw conveyor --- Twin-screw extruder --- Airflow conveyor --- Multi-layer oven --- Elevator --- Drum --- Oil spraying machine --- Packing machine

Pet food production line raw materials:

The pet food production line can use cornmeal, wheat meal, rice meal, fish meal, bone meal, fresh bone, meat sauce, etc., as raw materials, or directly use corn feed, rice feed, wheat feed, etc. for processing. Can produce pet food of different tastes and shapes.

In addition to Pet Food Production Line, our products include food extruders, soybean meal/meat processing machines, packaging machines, rice cake machines, etc. With our advanced processing equipment and modern molds, we are pleased to offer machines for producing high-quality and healthy pet food. Most importantly, we also provide recipes, technical support, machine testing services, etc.

Our services:

1、Free consulting service before, during, and after the sale.

2、According to customers' special requirements, we can provide free project planning and design services.

3、According to the customer's factory scale, we can provide a factory layout plan in advance.

4、Commissioning and inspection of the equipment until everything is normal before leaving the factory.

5、Overseas installation and training of equipment maintenance and personal operation.

6、Provide basic production process and recipe.

7、Our machines are guaranteed for one year.


The pet food-making machine can create food for cute pets with novel shapes, unique taste, and nutritional science. Our machine has gained good sales for its high output and easy operation, which can help you save manufacturing space and manufacturing cost. If you need this, then contact us quickly, we will give you a satisfactory answer and provide excellent service.

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