6 Things You Need To Know To Build Your Own Fried Snack Production Line

October 26, 2022

Owning a snack food production line is not only about making money, but also about saving time and effort.

Many people are now building their own fried snack production lines in the hope of making some extra money at home. However, before you start building your own fried snack line, there are a few things you need to know.

Here are 6 things you need to know before building your own fried snack line.

Depending on the production conditions and characteristics, the type of raw material and the time required for the drying process vary from factory to factory.

Fried snacks are generally made from wheat flour and potato starch, deep fried in vegetable oil at high temperature. The moisture content of fried snacks is usually between 20% and 25%. The drying process needs to be done quickly so that the moisture content can be reduced to below 8%. This also better preserves the flavor, color, and crispness of the fried snack.

The production of fried snacks varies from 10 to 15 tons per day. The most common types of fried snacks are: potato chips (french fries), corn chips, corn chips, onion chips, ketchup powder, spices, etc.

To produce fried snacks, special equipment that can withstand high temperatures (up to 200 degrees Celsius) is required. The most commonly used equipment are drum dryers and rotary dryers. The difference between them is their shape - tumble dryers consist of one or more cylindrical chambers with rotating plates inside, whereas in rotary dryers they are located on the walls of the chambers.

建立自己的油炸小吃生产线需要知道的 6 件事

Ingredient mixing equipment causes ingredient variations and uneven mixing of seasoning powders.

In the production process of fried snacks, add the raw materials one by one into the mixer and mix well. Mixing is an important process that determines the quality of fried snacks. The mixing process must be carried out according to the requirements of different products.

The speed of the raw material mixer is slow and the mixing is uneven. When making fried snacks, we need to mix the ingredients evenly and fast enough so that they can separate from each other for good product quality.

The main purpose of the mixing equipment is to mix the different raw materials evenly together without any fluctuation in quality. It can also be used to mix other types of food such as instant noodles, flour, etc...

The kneading temperature must be adjusted for each type of product because ingredients are different as well as the oils that are used.

This can lead to problems with the product quality. If you use the same temperature for all products, the oil will not be heated enough and the frying process may not be uniform. If you increase the temperature, then it will become difficult to control the fryers and heating elements.

The solution is a special controller that can adjust the temperature automatically based on the preset parameters and data received from sensors installed in each fryer. For example, if you have six fryers in your production line, then this device will allow you to set up two or three different types of fried snacks with different temperatures on each of them. This will allow you to control each machine independently and eliminate any problems with the product quality caused by incorrect temperature settings or lack of uniformity in frying processes.

Dough cooling equipment does not evenly cool down the dough and this can cause oil leakage during frying.

Cooling systems for fried snacks production line are mainly used to cool down and solidify the fried products after frying. The temperature of fried snacks is high and it requires rapid cooling to prevent oil leakage from the product. If the cooling time is too long or improper, it will cause damage to the equipment and products.

There are two types of cooling equipment for fried snacks production line: water cooling method and air cooling method.

Water Cooling Method: Water cooling method uses water circulation system to cool down the products. The water used in this process has low temperature, so it needs to be heated up before use until it reaches 70-80°C (160-176°F). Water circulation system is composed of pipes, filters, pumps, valves, temperature controllers etc., which can be operated automatically or manually by operator. After placing your order, we will choose suitable equipment according to your requirements such as type of material (solid), thickness (thinner or thicker), size (smaller or bigger) etc..

The size and shape of products is not uniform.

And the fried snack production line uses high temperature frying processing, so it must be equipped with a continuous cooling system. The main components of the fried snack production line are electric control cabinet and oil pump, frying machine, conveyor belt, steam generator, electric control cabinet etc..

The product is processed by being fried in a hot oil bath or oven. The most used frying method is to fry at high temperatures for a short time to make the surface crisp and golden yellow.

Fried snacks are generally eaten out of hand without any other preparation. The most popular fried snacks include potato chips (French fries), corn chips (corn chips), fried dough sticks (fried noodles), fried crackers (potato chips), fried mackerels (fish paste), fried rice cake strips, fried chicken wings etc..

Freshly fried products have a different taste from those consumed after a period of time because they have different moisture during frying.

Frying temperature is also an important factor that affects the moisture content of the snack.

In addition to controlling the temperature of the oil, it is also necessary to control the speed of frying to ensure that no excess water vapor is generated in the process so as to prevent oil from being contaminated with water vapor, which leads to an increase in oil consumption and an increase in production costs.

The use of cooling fans at various stages helps reduce moisture loss during frying while ensuring that hot air does not enter into the fryer. Moreover, it can reduce energy consumption by 10%, reduce electricity costs per ton by RMB 0-2 /kg, improve product quality and increase productivity by 15%.

Fried snack production has some unique aspects that require specialized knowledge.

The manufacturing process is very diverse and includes many different stages. There are several steps in the production process of fried snacks. The first step is raw material selection, which requires a thorough understanding of the properties of each ingredient and its effect on the final product.

The second stage is mixing and kneading, which determines the uniformity of ingredients and determines the texture of finished products.

In the third stage, frying should be controlled carefully to avoid over-heating or under-heating, which can lead to excessive oil absorption.

Finally, the last stage is cooling followed by packaging and storage.

As with all businesses, setting up and running a fried snack line can be quite complex. For this reason, it's important to know exactly what you're doing when choosing to start your own fried snack line. There are many things to consider to make this business a success, so prepare accordingly.

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