Are corn flakes processed?

June 9, 2021

With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life. The quality of the various foods we need in our lives is also rising. At the same time, various green food processing projects are also in full swing. Ordinary foodstuffs will become different kinds of delicious after being processed. It like by more people. Corn flakes is such a food.

Corn flakes are very popular breakfast cereals. Now many people use milk to soak a cup of corn flakes in the morning to eat. It has a very strong corn flavor and is very crispy. It is not only delicious. But also very nutritious. . Eating corn flakes allows us to obtain nutrients from corn. As we all know, corn is a kind of coarse grain . And is also recognize as a golden food. It has many benefits to our body.

Corn flakes have become the darling of the new era. Convenient and fast eating methods and rich nutrition make the market scale of corn flakes continue to expand. But many people don't like processed foods, they think processed foods are unhealthy.

Are corn flakes processed?
Corn flakes is a kind of corn flour as the main raw material, added with sugar, salt, water, vitamins, minerals and other raw materials. Through the steps of kneading, extruding and curing, forming, pressing and baking. Breakfast cereal is a kind of processed food, with very rich nutrition. It is a very healthy breakfast cereal. The processing steps are relatively cumbersome. But with the advancement of science and technology. The equipment for processing corn flakes has greatly changed. And automated production can achieve.

The above content borrow from the top five corn flake production lines in the professional technical article in 2021. In the process of processing corn flakes, the Corn Flake Production Line is an indispensable equipment. Only by using this production line can the production . And processing of corn flakes become Efficient and high quality.

The specific processing process of corn flakes is as follows:

1. Stir
In this step, a flour mixer mainly use. The main function of the flour mixer is to mix various raw materials together in proportion and add a certain amount of water to make them fully. And uniformly mixed and stir into a corn flour dough.

2. Conveying
The conveyor can convey the mixed dough to the extruder. During the conveying process. It is pollution-free, clean and hygienic, with high transportation efficiency. And can realize multi-angle transportation.

3. Extrusion curing
The dough enters the extrusion system and will extrude into a fixed shape and matured in a high temperature and high pressure environment. According to the needs of the manufacturer. Only the mold can change to change the extrusion shape of the corn flakes.

4. Drying
The extruded corn flakes need to drie. And the dried corn flakes will not stick together. So the quality of the produced will be better.

5. Tableting
This is also a very critical step that affects the quality of corn flakes. A high-quality tablet press must be very smooth . And maintain a constant temperature in order to increase the yield and quality of corn flakes.

6. High temperature baking
The corn flakes baked in a high-temperature oven have a crisper texture and a more compact structure. Making the quality of the corn flakes more perfect.

7. Packaging
The packaging machine is used for packaging. The automatic packaging has a very high efficiency. And the accuracy is high and the error rate is small. It helps the manufacturer save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

At this point, the corn flakes are processed. After the manufacturers send these corn flakes to the store. They can reach our hands. Using the Corn Flake Production Line will make the entire production process very simple and efficient.

The production line developed by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is of very high quality and has a scientific production process. It can retain the nutrients in the corn intact, the yield is stable. And the thickness of the corn flakes is uniform. At the same time, the production line has reasonable configuration, convenient operation, and simple maintenance. It is suitable for small and medium-sized and large food processing enterprises. And it can be configured reasonably according to the different needs of customers. It can effectively help manufacturers improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve market competitiveness. The production line can also produce Breakfast cereals in various shapes.

Our biscuit production line, bread crumb production line and baby food production line have reached the world's leading level. If you need it, please contact us!

After processing, corn flakes are rich in nutrition and crispy taste. And are loved by the elderly and children. They are suitable for all kinds of people, especially office workers and people who lose weight. Brewed with milk can be eaten for breakfast. It is a very convenient food. As the pace of life accelerates, corn flakes will be more popular in the future. I believe we can also use corn to produce more different foods!

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