Artisanal Fried Snack Production Line

October 12, 2022

The fried snack production line can produce fried snacks such as potato chips, cheese rolls, corn chips, corn chips and so on. The snack processing line is composed of raw material feeding system, fryer, pre-fryer, product conveying system, etc. The pre-fried potato chips are transported to the automatic fryer and fried until golden brown.

The fried snack production line is composed of raw material feeding system, fryer, pre-fryer and product conveying system. The pre-fried potato chips are transported to the automatic fryer and fried until golden brown. After the chips are hot fried, they are drained from the fryer through a shaker that separates the chips from the remaining excess oil.

The material is pretreated by the air conveyor, which is conducive to the removal of harmful substances and dust.

Materials are discharged through vibrating screens of various sizes. The raw materials are broken into small particles by a hammer crusher. The crushed material is evenly distributed by the blower, and then enters the hopper.

The fried snack production line consists of three parts: extrusion cooking, frying and forming.

Extrusion cooking: In this process, by changing the extrusion die or changing the extrusion screw diameter, the raw materials are extruded into noodles or other shapes according to customer requirements. At this stage, additives such as salt and spices can be added to improve the taste of the product.


The main body of the food processing production line is made of all stainless steel, with beautiful appearance and high quality, and will not rust or corrode.

The equipment adopts the design of compact structure, reasonable layout and reasonable construction, which effectively reduces the production cost. The whole process of fried snack production includes raw material preparation, extrusion cooking, frying, drying, packaging and other processes.

All machines are controlled by PLC control system, touch screen operation; all these make it easy for the operator to operate.

With a variety of molds and knives, it can produce all kinds of fried snacks and potato chips, such as jagged potato chips, diamond chips, triangle chips, etc.

The machine is mainly composed of fryer, feeding system and cutting system. The fryer includes the fryer and the oil tank. The feeding system includes hopper, conveying screw conveyor and elevator. The cutting system includes a water tank connected to the water pump, an air compressor and an air knife cutter connected to the air pipe. The frying pan is mainly used to heat the frying oil in the pan through the electric heating device in the pan. It also has a temperature controller to control the oil temperature during frying. Equipped with a digital display that can display the oil temperature during frying in real time.

Simple operation: put the dough into the extruder hopper - adjust the pressure - extrude and cut out a certain length (with a cutter) - put in the fryer - fry - finished product - cooling - packing

Fried snack production line is mainly used for producing all kinds of fried snacks, such as fried corn sticks, fried stickies and so on. The machine adopts advanced technology from Italy, Germany and Japan. It has features such as high capacity, low power consumption and simple operation.

The fried snack production line consists of automatic feeding device, shaping device, cutting device, frying device and packing machine. The automatic feeding device can automatically deliver batter into frying moulds by means of pneumatic suction or mechanical suction. Meanwhile, it can also be equipped with automatic feeding device if necessary. The shaping device can make the batter flow into a homogeneous strip through special shaping pipe and then cut it into required length by means of knives fixed on extrusion head or by manual method.

Before frying, the surface moisture of the dough strip is removed by high frequency vibration dehydration device to reduce oil absorption and extend the shelf life.

The fried snack production line consists of dough forming machine, frying machine, oil conveying system and cooling system. The dough forming machine produces strips with uniform thickness and size. In order to achieve the best effect, we choose a belt conveyor with low noise level and long service life, so as to avoid affecting production efficiency. The fried snacks are conveyed by belt conveyor into frying tanks for frying and heating up. After frying, fryer automatically discharges products from tank bottom outlet. The fried snacks go through oil recycling system and cooling system before packing.

Automatic frying machine equipped with thermal insulation device to ensure that oil temperature is constant during frying and save energy consumption.

The fried snack production line is used for the production of fried snacks, such as chips, fish oil, prawn crackers and so on. It is characterized by high output and low failure rate, easy operation and maintenance. The fried snack production line consists of a set of hopper, extruder, fryer and other parts. The hopper feeds raw materials into the extruder by screw conveyor; after being kneaded by die head rotating at high speed in the extruder barrel, the dough will enter into a deep-fat fryer for cooking; after cooling off through water circulating system, the finished products will be discharged out of machine automatically without manual intervention or touching.

The artisanal fried snack production line has an overall low energy consumption, high output rate and good process control.

This production line can produce a large variety of products such as potato chips, deep-fried snacks, peanuts, sweet potatoes and so on. The chips are made by deep-frying the raw material in hot oil under a certain pressure and temperature. The chips are crispy and have no greasy feeling after deep-frying. This is because the oil temperature is controlled at 180?C±2?C during frying. It is also possible to adjust the time for each batch of chips according to different needs. The finished chips are dried automatically before being packaged in bags or boxes ready for delivery.

In addition to making potato chips of all shapes and sizes, this line can also make other foods like peanuts or sweet potatoes just like potato chips.

The system is easy to operate and maintain, has high efficiency and reliable performance, and is equipped with a fried snack production line. The equipment adopts effective heat transfer technology, adopts international advanced electronic control technology, and has better frying performance. It is a general machine for the production of french fries, fish and chips, donuts and other snacks. We are pleased to offer you the highest quality fried snack line machines to help you produce delicious wafers easily and efficiently.

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