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September 25, 2022

Cereal Bar Line is a leading manufacturer of food and beverage processing equipment for the food and beverage industry. Our main products include snack food processing machine, dried fruit processing equipment, dried vegetable processing equipment, noodle machine, noodle extrusion line, pizza machine, frozen food processing machine, ice cream machine, etc.

For over a decade, we have been manufacturing and supplying the highest quality machines for the food processing industry. We provide our customers with high-quality machines at affordable prices. Our goal is to help our customers achieve their production goals by providing them with the latest technology and equipment at competitive prices.

Our production lines are reliable, fast and easy to operate.

At the heart of our cereal bar production line is a fully automatic vertical conveyor system, which can be integrated into a continuous process flow or used as a stand-alone machine. Conveyors transport the cereal bars along the entire length of the production line, where they pass through various stations to apply moisture and flavors. At the end of the line, there is a weighing station that accurately weighs each cereal bar.

Cereal bars are one of our most popular products in Europe. We have developed an efficient and flexible system for producing these products on your premises - from start to finish!

麦片条生产线 - 我们让一切变得简单Cereal bar production line - we make it easy
We provide comprehensive training for your employees. Operators can complete training in as little as 6 hours.

Our machines are designed to be easy to use, easy to clean and maintain. They are also durable. Our machines are built with high-quality materials, so they are very durable and reliable.

The cereal bar production line can produce up to 1,000 cereal bars per hour. The machine includes a fully automatic weighing system and a pneumatic metering system that allows you to add any type of filler to each bar, minimizing waste. The machine also features an integrated cutting system that allows you to cut bars to any length or shape at the touch of a button!

Our equipment is low maintenance and requires minimal cleaning to keep it running smoothly.

We have a team of experienced technicians who can provide after-sales maintenance services. The entire production line is made of stainless steel.

We have the most advanced design concept and production technology. There are two types of production lines for your reference: (1) Cereal bar production line integrated molding machine (2) Cereal bar production line two-piece molding machine (1) Cereal bar production line integrated molding machine is suitable for the production of whole grains, health food, snacks, etc. Adopt unique structure design, high degree of automation. Simple structure, convenient operation and convenient maintenance. This model adopts one-piece mold, no core and no cavity; low energy consumption, small size and convenient operation, it is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises in the food industry; (2) The two-piece molding machine of the cereal bar production line adopts a belt core or cavity two-piece mold.

The equipment also has easy access for cleaning at the end of each day to ensure food safety and hygiene standards are maintained at all times.

The Cereal Bar Production Line is a fully automatic production line, which can produce well-packed and tasty cereal bars in just minutes. It is ideal for bakeries, hotels, restaurants and other commercial kitchens that want to add a delicious new snack option to their menu.

The production line can produce up to 2,000 units per hour of these tasty snacks. This means that businesses that run this machine will be able to serve more customers faster than ever before!

Our Cereal Bar Production Systems include a pneumatic turning device to improve the product structure and keep a consistent shape throughout the batch process.

The Cereal Bar Production Line is a unique line that includes a pneumatic turning device to improve the product structure and keep a consistent shape throughout the batch process.

The cereal bar manufacturing line is specifically designed for large production volumes and can be used for both round and square shaped bars. The equipment may also be used for other types of food products such as cookies, chocolates and biscuits.

The cereal bar production line consists of a vertical mixer, extruder, cooling tower and packaging machine. The vertical mixer mixes all ingredients together before they are transferred to the extruder where they are heated and extruded into a continuous rope of product. The rope can then be cut into smaller pieces using either saws or guillotines depending on the size required.

After cooling and drying, the cereal bars are ready for packaging using an automatic packaging machine which can package up to six different products at once with different bar sizes and shapes if required.

Our systems provide easy to use equipment with simple controls, low maintenance costs and minimal cleaning requirements

Our systems provide easy to use equipment with simple controls, low maintenance costs and minimal cleaning requirements which can be easily integrated into a production line.

Cereal bars are made from cereal grains, nuts, and dried fruits. They are high in fiber and protein, low in fat, sugar-free and cholesterol-free. Cereal bar production is a growing industry with many benefits over traditional candy bars like the ability to add vitamins and minerals to enhance their nutritional value. The growing popularity of cereal bars has also resulted in many companies offering them as part of their product line. Cereal bar manufacturing processes vary by company but all begin with mixing grains or flakes with water followed by extrusion through die holes that form the shape of each individual bar. Next the mixture is cooked at high temperatures until it becomes solid and then cooled before being cut into individual pieces that are packaged for shipment to retailers or wholesalers for sale on store shelves.

If you have any cereal bar line projects or any other cereal bar packaging, equipment and machinery needs, please feel free to contact us.

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