How Do Extruder Machines Work?

April 27, 2021

Various casual snacks have occupied a very important position in our daily lives. Leisure foods can bring us a lot of energy during leisure and entertainment or busy work. Therefore, many manufacturers are now transforming to produce snack foods. When making snack foods, an extruder is an indispensable equipment.
Various types of snack foods can be produced by using an Snack Food Extruder Machine. Although there are differences in molding during the production process, the basic process is roughly the same. The more common is the process of extruding products in a solid state. So how does the extruder work?

The manufacturing process of the extruder may seem simple, but it is very practical. This is also an important reason why extruders have high performance and are welcomed by manufacturers. First, the granular or powdered solid raw material needs to be added to the hopper of the extruder. There is a heater outside the barrel of the extruder, and the heat generated by the heater is transferred to the solid raw material in the barrel through thermal conduction, and the temperature rises to reach the melting temperature.

The machine will run after the temperature is reached. The screw in the barrel rotates to transport the solid raw material forward. During the movement, the solid material rubs and shears with the barrel, screw, and between the solid material and the solid material to generate a large amount of heat, which works together with heat conduction to continuously melt the heated solid material. After that, the molten solid raw material is continuously and stably conveyed to the machine head with a certain shape.

After passing through the machine head, the solid raw material in a flowing state takes the shape of the machine head approximately. Then enter the cooling setting device to solidify the solid raw material while maintaining the established shape. Under the action of the traction device, the food is continuously advanced and the final food size is obtained. Finally, cut the food by cutting. In this way, the snack food is finished.

The above is the specific working process of the extruder. The extruder can realize highly automated production. Therefore, the labor cost can be greatly reduced without manual intervention in the production process. Secondly, you only need to change the mold to produce snack foods of various shapes, such as tube, flower, heart, triangle, and square.

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The extruder is an indispensable equipment for making snack foods, with superior performance and strong practicability. If you need it, please feel free to contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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