How Do I Set Up Poultry Feed Factory?

April 28, 2021

Poultry farming has become more and more common. In order to be able to raise high-quality poultry, a nutritionally balanced poultry feed has become a poultry necessities with a surge in demand. In this stage, the establishment of a poultry feed factory becomes the best way to obtain high profits. As long as we can provide high-quality poultry feed to our breeders and make our feed stand out among the many feeds, we will definitely get rich returns.

Don't be impatient when opening a poultry feed factory. We need to do all-round research in advance so that our feed business can rise steadily, and even expand to become an international trade. The following steps can help you to obtain higher quality of your feed.

1.Market research
This is the most important step in the entire plant construction process. And it will directly determine the final profit and subsequent production direction. At this time, we need to focus on investigating what is the most popular poultry feed on the market and what is the current market gap. Only in this way can the feed we produce have the widest range of customers.

2.Manufacturing formula
The formulation of poultry feed is a science. The correct ratio of raw materials will give poultry the best growth. A slight deviation in some of the nutrients will cause problems for poultry. Contact us and we will provide you with professional poultry feed formulations.

3.Determine the plant construction plan
After the market research is done, a comprehensive plan needs to be made. This includes the size of the factory, customer base, how to purchase raw materials, how many workers to hire, and so on.

4.Rental venues
Find a suitable site for the poultry feed factory and obtain the relevant procedures.

5.Purchase equipment
This is also a very important step. Now factories adopt mechanized production methods, and only high-quality equipment can achieve higher production efficiency. After all, in industrial production, efficiency is life.
We can provide you with a highly efficient feed production line. The production line can produce a variety of different poultry feeds, and the production efficiency and production quality have reached a satisfactory level. Therefore, the equipment has been exported to Singapore, the United States, Canada and many other countries and regions, and has received very high evaluations locally.

6. Procurement of raw materials and processing
Negotiate cooperation with local raw material suppliers. Reasonably control the cost of raw materials and maintain a reliable supply line to lay the foundation for the smooth operation of the factory in the future.

7. Marketing
When everything is ready, it's marketing. Establish your own brand and summarize the advantages of factory feed. Contact with shops or breeders to promote feed, and at the same time you can open your own outlets and place advertisements in magazines, television and other media.

The above are the steps to build a poultry factory. We can provide you with professional formulas and professional feed production lines to solve most of the problems for you. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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