Is soya chunks good for diabetes?

May 11, 2021

Soy nuggets are considered to be a very healthy food and a pure vegetarian food. Soy nuggets are now used to replace animal meat. Some people also call soy nuggets "artificial meat." This is mainly because the taste and tenacity of soy nuggets are very similar to animal meat, full of meat aroma, and rich in protein. And the protein content is higher than animal meat, so soy nuggets are very popular nowadays.

Since soy nuggets are so healthy, can they be eaten by everyone, such as diabetic people. It is well known that diabetic people have many taboos in their diet. Can they eat soy nuggets? 

Soy nuggets can be eaten for diabetic patients. The diet of diabetic patients needs to limit protein intake, but high-quality protein containing essential amino acids cannot be missing. The protein in soy nuggets belongs to high-quality protein, which can supplement the patient's body Albumin. Soy nuggets contain peptides that can accelerate the process of fat decomposition, which helps reduce the risk of diabetes. In addition, soy nuggets also contain more dietary fiber, and can also play a role in moisturizing the intestines and laxatives. At the same time, the sugar content is very low. And the effect on blood sugar is very small.

Therefore, diabetic patients can eat soy nuggets every day, but the consumption should be controlled to be about 150 grams. It can be divided into three meals. However, it is worth noting that if the patient has diabetic nephropathy, it is recommended to reduce the consumption as much as possible or not to consume it. Although soy protein has a smaller negative impact on kidney function than animal protein, it will still increase the burden on the kidneys to a certain extent. In this case, it is very necessary to reduce the consumption of soy nuggets.

It is very beneficial for diabetic patients to eat soy nuggets for disease control. Choosing high-quality soy nuggets to supplement the body with sufficient nutrition can make our lives happier.

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Soybean nuggets are foods that diabetics can eat, and it has many benefits for diabetics, but you must not eat too much. Make sure it is about 150 grams a day, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive.

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