Overview of Instant Noodle Production Line

July 5, 2023

As a fast and convenient food, instant noodles have been widely used and loved in modern society. An instant noodle production line refers to a collection of equipment and technological processes specially used for the production of instant noodles. This section will introduce the instant noodle production line, including its basic composition, process flow and main equipment.


1.1 Basic composition of instant noodle production line

The instant noodle production line usually consists of raw material processing system, flour milling system, noodle manufacturing system, seasoning packaging system and auxiliary equipment. These parts cooperate with each other to complete the whole process from raw material processing to final packaging.


1.2 Process flow of instant noodle production line

The technological process of the instant noodle production line mainly includes raw material processing, flour milling, bar making, cooking, drying, seasoning and packaging. Specifically, firstly, raw materials such as wheat are washed and ground to make powder; then the powder is transformed into noodles through steps such as stirring, extrusion and cutting; then steamed and dried to make the noodles Eat; finally, seasoning and noodles are mixed and packaged.

1.3 Main equipment of instant noodle production line

The instant noodle production line involves a variety of equipment, among which the key equipment includes pulverizers, mixers, extruders, cutters, cookers, dryers and seasoning packaging machines. Through the cooperation of the automatic control system, these devices have realized the high efficiency and standardization of instant noodle production.


Summary of the first section:

This section mainly introduces the overview of instant noodle production line. We understand that the instant noodle production line is a system composed of multiple parts. It completes the whole process from raw material processing to final packaging through the cooperation of a series of technological processes and key equipment. In the following chapters, we will discuss in detail the specific operation steps and technical points of each link in the instant noodle production line.


The Production Line Details 

Capacity 11000 bags/8h; 30000 bags/8h; 60000 bags/8h; 80000 bags/8h; 100000bags/8h
Electricity supply Customized according to your local electricity situation.
Machine details 1. Stainless steel,:201, 304, 316, on request.

2. Electrical components can be ABB, Delta, Fuji, Siemens; famous brands.

Certificates CE,GOST,TUV,BV
Raw material flour, vegetable oil, water, salt and other chemical additives
Product colour White; green; purple; yellow and other colours



Feature Of instant noodles production line:

  1. High degree of automation: Ithas a very high degree of automation, which can well meet the needs of customers and fully meet the needs of various enterprises.
  2. Large output: It can realize multiple batch processing, thus avoiding problems such as equipment downtime and long downtime due to different batches. The output of the equipment is large, thus ensuring the production efficiency and quality. At the same time, the production speed of the equipment is fast, and the output can be adjusted at any time according to the output needs of different users.
  3. Low energy consumption: It can effectively reduce the utilization rate of energy and achieve the purpose of saving costs.
  4. Sanitation and cleaning: The equipment adopts a new type of dust removal equipment, which can well avoid dust pollution to the surrounding environment and ensure environmental hygiene. In the process of processing,a certain amount of dust will be generated. If the dust is not effectively removed, the dust will cause harm to the health of the workers.
  5. Easy to operate: The device is easy to operate and easy to use, whether it is a small-scale enterprise or a large-scale enterprise, it can be easily used.

The above are the characteristics of the instant noodles production line. This equipment has the advantages of large output, high efficiency and low energy consumption, and can meet the needs of various customers.



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