What Is Snack Food Production Line ?

April 28, 2021

Snack food occupies a very important position in our daily life. The market demand is getting higher and higher, and the sales volume continues to rise. Therefore, many manufacturers have begun to produce various types of snack foods. When producing snack foods, the choice of equipment is the key. Good equipment will have the effect of getting double the result with half the effort. Only when the production efficiency and quality are always in the leading position among similar equipment can the profits of the manufacturer be effectively increased.

With the inspection of the market, the snack food production line has become the most popular equipment. It brings huge economic benefits to major manufacturers. So what exactly is a snack food production line?

The snack food production line is a food equipment that uses corn, rice, wheat, oats and barley as raw materials to make various snack foods. It is one of the most popular food equipment in modern industrial production. We are a professional manufacturer of snack food production lines. We have many years of production and sales experience, which let us master the most cutting-edge technology, if you have anything to know, welcome to contact us, we will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.

The snack food production line mainly includes the following main equipment:

1. Grinding Machine
The grinder can grind various raw materials into powder, which is more convenient for subsequent processing and production, and no matter what kind of raw materials can be effectively processed.

2. Mixer
The main function of the mixer is to mix the ground raw materials according to the proportions. The raw materials are evenly mixed without leakage. At this time, some nutrients can be added.

3. Extruder
The main function of the extruder is to squeeze the raw materials into food particles of the desired shape and size through the die. By adjusting the die in the extruder, various shapes of food can be produced, such as spherical, tubular, rod-shaped, Ring, fruit circle, star shape, flower shape, heart shape, etc.

4. Dryer
The processed snack food is transported to the dryer through a conveyor, where the snack food will be puffed and dried, and the food has been basically processed in this stage.

5. Seasoning Machine
The seasoning machine can sprinkle some spices and mixed oil on the surface of the food to make the snack food more delicious. So far, the food has been processed.
6. Cooler
The main function of the cooler is to cool, so that the processed snack food can be quickly cooled in a short time. If the food is packaged directly without cooling, the food will become very weak and the taste will deteriorate. When the packaging bag touches high temperature, it will also bring certain harm to the human body.

7. Packing Machine
The packaging machine can pack according to weight, with very small error rate, and can complete automatic sealing and other operations.

The above is the basic production equipment of the snack food production line. The production line can realize integrated automatic production. You can get packaged snack foods by just putting in the raw materials. The operation is very convenient and no extra labor is required, which can effectively reduce the production cost.

As a professional manufacturer of snack food production lines, we have delivered this production line to many countries and regions around the world to help them effectively increase their profits. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. In addition, our instant noodle production line, baby rice powder production lines and bean meat machines and other equipment are have high sales.

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