Why are both concentrates and Roughages used for animal feeds?

May 21, 2021

Although many industries seem to be very far away from us. Basically all industries are closely related to us. Even if it is an ordinary one. Such as aquaculture. Imagine that if there is no aquaculture industry. Then our lives will be greatly affected. The most direct thing is that there is no meat to eat. Secondly, various derivative industries will be affected. Therefore, the aquaculture industry is very important to us.

When raising animals, feed is a very important part. Nutrient-rich feed will make the animals grow healthier. The production of feed is very complicated. Especially concentrated feed and rough feed are indispensable. Why are these two in animal feed? Grow feed?

First of all, concentrated feed is also called protein supplement feed. It is a semi-finished compound feed prepared from protein feed, mineral feed and additive premix. Farmers only need to add a certain proportion of energy feed when using it. Corn, sorghum, barley, etc. can become a complete compound feed that meets the nutritional needs of animals. The mixed feed generally accounts for 20% to 40% of the full price compound feed. Although the proportion is not high. It is of great significance. It can provide the animals with the necessary nutrition. And it is very convenient to use and low in price.

Therefore, concentrated feed is necessary. And coarse feed refers to dry feed with low energy content and high crude fiber content. Such as peanut seedlings, sweet potato seedlings, husks, corn stalks, bean stalks, rice straws and various dried leaves, etc. The nutritional value is relatively low and the cellulose content is very high. Although the nutritional value of these feeds is not high. They are widely sourced, large in quantity, easy to store. And low in price. It is a very economical and affordable feed in the process of breeding animals. Especially for For animals such as cattle and sheep. The use of this type of roughage can greatly reduce feeding costs.

From this we can know that concentrated feed can provide sufficient nutrition for animals. While rough feed can effectively reduce costs. Therefore, the two are indispensable in animal feed and are in a very balanced relationship. Feed manufacturers will use feed production lines to make various animal feeds . So that the animal feeds can be of very high quality.

The feed production line produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. has very high quality, superior performance, stable quality. And can be used for a long time. The feed produced can retain the maximum nutrition . And the palatability is also very good. Feeds recognized by many farmers. In addition, our biscuit production line, bread crumb production line and snack food extruder are all well received. If you need it. Please contact us!

If you want to make your own feed, concentrated feed and rough feed can provide you with great help. With these two, the healthy growth of animals can be guaranteed. And the investment is very low. Especially for family breeding. select!

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