Why Does My Chicken Breading Fall Off?

May 6, 2021

Fried food is a delicacy that can be loved by foodies all over the world. People in any country like to eat fried food very much. Even ordinary ingredients can become very delicious as long as they are coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. Fried chicken can be said to be the best in fried food. The outside is crispy and the inside is soft and tender, and one bite is full of happiness.

The process of making fried chicken is also very simple. Many people make fried chicken at home. But sometimes the production process is not so smooth. One problem that must be a headache for everyone is that the crumbs will fall off during the production process. Once the chicken does not have the protection of breadcrumbs, the taste will be greatly reduced. What caused the crumbs to fall off?

1. Too much water on the chicken
Because the chicken needs to be marinated before frying. The marinating process will cause a lot of juice on the chicken. If you bring these sauces to wrap the flour, it is easy to make the crumbs fall off. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe the moisture on the surface of the chicken before frying.

2. Too much flour or breadcrumbs
You don't need too much flour and breadcrumbs when dipping the chicken. Just wrap one layer lightly. Too much flour will form a shell on the outside of the chicken, which will fall off directly during frying. The same goes for breadcrumbs. Therefore, only a thin layer of flour and breadcrumbs is required.

3. No slapping excess breadcrumbs
After sticking the crumbs, pat the excess crumbs with your hands, so that the crumbs will not fall off during the frying process. Then gently compress the chicken and breadcrumbs with your hands to further reduce the fall of the breadcrumbs.

4. Cook carefully
There are also skills in the frying process. Don't turn the chicken right after putting it in the oil, let it fry quietly for a while. When the bottom part of the chicken is fried and browned, turn the chicken gently. Otherwise, the bread crumbs will fall off if you flip it immediately after frying.

Bread crumbs play a very important role in the process of making fried chicken. Without breadcrumbs, the quality of fried chicken will drop significantly. Bread crumb production line is the best equipment for making bread crumbs. The produced breadcrumbs are more reliable in quality in practical applications.

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Breadcrumbs have many tricks in the process of using them. As long as you master the above points, you can make delicious fried chicken that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside!

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