A Brief Introductionof the Bean Meat Machine

September 24, 2021

The increasing demand for health has led to the emergence of many healthy foods on the market. Nowadays, many people will use soya meat instead of animal meat because it is not only more nutritious than animal meat, but also has a very low fat content, which is very beneficial to human health.

Today bean meat has a very promising market. As a professional food manufacturer, we decided to use the Soya Meat Making Machine for the production of soy meat after a long investigation. In order to improve the quality of our production, the line has proven to have many advantages that are incomparable to other equipment.

What are the advantages of the bean meat machine?

  1. The whole production line is made of food-grade stainless steel, with reliable quality and long service life.
  2. The screw is treated with alloy nitriding for high strength and wear resistance. --
  3. With self-cleaning system, clean and hygienic, high food quality.
  4. A highly automated production method is achieved, with high production efficiency.
  5. The compact structure of the production line and the small footprint make it easy to manage even in small workshops.
  6. A wide range of soy protein products can be processed and produced.

The bean meat machine has many advantages, and its performance is outstanding, showing great superiority in actual production, allowing us to achieve a qualitative improvement in the processing of production.

The bean meat machine consists of a mixer, screw conveyor, twin-screw extruder, air conveyor, dryer, elevator, cooler and packaging machine to produce and automate the processing of soya protein food.

Purpose of each equipment of the bean meat machine

  1. Mixer: to mix the raw materials with water evenly.
  2. Screw conveyor: conveying the mixed raw materials to the extruder, using the form of screw conveying, no pollution, no leakage during the conveying process, clean and hygienic, high hygiene standards.
  3. Twin-screw extruder: the raw materials are extruded under high temperature and pressure for a short period of time with strong extrusion, shearing treatment and heat treatment to produce different shapes of soya protein food, only need to change the mould to produce a variety of different shapes.
  4. Air conveyor: conveys the extruded bean meat to the dryer.
  5. Dryer: Dries the bean meat to remove excess moisture and extend the shelf life.
  6. Elevator: conveys the bean meat to the cooler.
  7. Cooler: cools the bean meat. Direct packaging at high temperatures will reduce the quality of the bean meat and may burn the bags.
  8. Packing machine: to pack the bean meat.

The fully automated production method requires close coordination of all equipment, which will provide us with very high production efficiency and production quality. The advanced extrusion technology not only retains most of the nutrients in the raw material, but also allows the production of a mellow tasting bean meat that tastes very similar to meat and is universally recognised by consumers.

The Soya Meat Making Machine can be used to produce a wide range of soya protein products, including round, square, long and so on, and is very versatile, not only for producing soya meat, but also for seasoning soya meat into delicious snacks.

We are confident that with the help of this manufacturer, we will be able to gain access to a wider market. We also hope that the manufacturer will develop more inexpensive production lines to provide more convenience for food processing plants and consumers!

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