Can you use breadcrumbs without flour?

May 11, 2021

Fried food is the favorite of most people. It is unbearable if you don't eat fried food for a few days. Fried food is also a kind of food that can be accepted by people all over the world, with a very wide audience. Even ordinary ingredients, as long as they are wrapped in breadcrumbs and rolled in oil, they will become very delicious. The crispy outside and tender inside are unmatched by other foods. Even simple vegetarian dishes have a deep-fried taste. Will be greatly sublimated.

Bread crumbs are necessary ingredients when making fried foods. Its main function is to protect the ingredients from being fried, and it can also form a very crispy taste on the outside. In order to prevent the bread crumbs from falling off during the frying process, it is necessary to first coat the ingredients with a thin layer of flour, which can absorb the water and stick the egg liquid to prevent the bread crumbs from falling off. Can we use bread crumbs without flour?

Of course the answer is yes! Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. will introduce you how to use bread crumbs without flour!

The first situation is to use breadcrumbs directly without flour. This situation is mainly suitable for some meat products, such as chicken and beef. Chop the meat gently with the back of a knife, and chop off the tendons in the meat. Some juice will seep on the surface. After the meat turns into a pancake, put it in the breadcrumbs and roll it around, and press it lightly to make the breadcrumbs stickier. The fried food prepared in this way does not have a thick shell, and tastes richer.

The second method is to use corn starch or wheat starch, etc., which can have the same effect. Be careful not to dip too much flour, otherwise the bread crumbs will fall off.

The third method is to use the egg liquid directly. The premise is to keep the ingredients in a dry state, so that the breadcrumbs can be better absorbed. Do not keep turning during frying, and then fry the other side after one side is set.

You can still make delicious fried foods without using flour, but without using breadcrumbs, it will greatly affect the taste of fried foods. The breadcrumbs produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.'s breadcrumb production line is always at the world's leading level, and it is the equipment used by many manufacturers for a long time.

Our breadcrumb production line is made of food-grade stainless steel. The quality is safe and reliable, the production process is clean and hygienic, and the production efficiency is very high. The breadcrumbs produced are widely welcomed by the public, which is why many well-known manufacturers have long-term cooperation with us s reason. In addition, our biscuit production line, feed production line and corn flakes production line are all well-known and cost-effective.

Bread crumbs are an indispensable and important ingredient when making fried foods. There are still many ways to make fried foods without flour, and they don’t taste like flavors. If you don’t believe it, you can try it!

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