How do you make breadcrumbs?

May 13, 2021

The skin of fried food is crisp and crisp, and it is loved by many people. It can be said that it is a kind of delicacy loved by people all over the world. To make a crispy taste, breadcrumbs are indispensable. When making fried food, the ingredients usually used are breadcrumbs, eggs and flour. You can have no eggs or flour. This will not be right. The taste of fried food has a great influence. But if there is no bread crumbs, the taste of fried food will be greatly reduced.

Bread crumbs are common food additives in our lives. Because of their rich nutrition, sweetness and deliciousness, they are loved by the public. Bread crumbs are often used on the surface of fried food to make the skin more crispy. Such as fried chicken wings, fried squid rings, Tonkatsu, etc. How are bread crumbs made? What should I do if I want to make my own breadcrumbs?

If you want to make bread crumbs at home, you only need to prepare the bread slices. At this time, the leftover bread at home can play a big role, which can effectively reduce waste. When making breadcrumbs, the drier bread slices are better. Because stale bread loses more moisture, so it is more suitable for making breadcrumbs.First cut the old bread slices into small pieces. Then put these bread pieces in the oven for baking, wait until the bread pieces become golden and crispy. You can take them out. And wait until the bread pieces have cooled down. Put them in an airtight bag for storage. Then use a rolling pin to gently crush them and crush them into crumbs. If it is troublesome, you can also directly use a food processor to crush the crumbs. So that you can make your own bread crumbs. It's finished.

The breadcrumbs we buy from the store are made by the manufacturer using the breadcrumb production line. So that standardized production can be realized, and the breadcrumbs produced are of very high quality.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional food machinery manufacturer with many years of experience in R&D and production, and enjoys a very high reputation in the industry. The biscuit production lines, baby food production lines and snack food production lines produced are sold at home and abroad. . Our bread crumb production line is made of food-grade stainless steel and internationally renowned accessories. The quality is very reliable and cost-effective. The highly automated production method does not require manual intervention. The production efficiency is high and the production quality is good. It is bread crumbs affirmed by many customers.

With the improvement of the mass economy, fried food will become more and more popular. The market demand for bread crumbs is very large. If you need it, please contact us, whether you make it yourself or use a professional production line to make bread crumbs. Can make our diet richer!

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