How do you eat soya chunks without cooking?

May 20, 2021

The improvement of the economic level has given us more choices in our diet. After tasting all kinds of delicacies, people suddenly discovered that plain diet is the most important thing. Although big fish and meat are delicious. They also bring more weight to the body. The burden of food will increase the risk of many diseases. So eating some green and healthy food has become a new choice for the public.

Now many people start to eat soy nuggets. This is a new type of food that is very healthy and rich in protein. The most important thing is that the taste is very similar to animal meat. For those who love meat and worry about health problems. They are afraid of growing For the fat friends. The appearance of soy nuggets can be said to give them new hope.
After cooking, the soy nuggets will become very rich in taste, delicious and nutritious. But not everyone knows how to cook. For those who can’t cook, how should you eat the uncooked soy nuggets? ?

Although many people now eat some vegetable salad or fruit salad for health, of course these ingredients are not cooked and are completely raw so that they can fully absorb the nutrients, but soy nuggets are not suitable for raw food. food.

Raw soybean nuggets are very hard, even like a stone. If they are eaten directly without treatment, it will be difficult to swallow. Therefore, even for those who do not know how to cook, if you want to eat soybean nuggets, you can put the soy nuggets in water in advance. Soak it for half an hour to make it soft, and when it becomes soft, it is cooked in water and ready to be eaten. Soy nuggets cannot be eaten raw because of its high protein and fiber content. If eaten in large quantities raw, it is difficult to digest and absorb, and it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Secondly, you can also put the soaked soy cubes in a microwave or oven to heat up and serve, sprinkle with salt and pepper or black pepper, to taste different flavors. In short, soy nuggets cannot be eaten raw, they must be cooked at a high temperature before they can be eaten, so that it not only has a rich taste but also provides sufficient nutrition for the human body.

Soybean nuggets have been understood and accepted by the public, which means that the market size will become larger and the competition will become increasingly fierce. Soybean nuggets with comprehensive nutrition and rich taste will be more popular.

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When consuming soy nuggets, they must be cooked at a high temperature. They cannot be eaten raw. The easiest way is to boil them. They are also very delicious!

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