How Do You Feed Cattle For Cheap?

April 26, 2021

The cattle is an indispensable partner in our daily life. It is of great significance to us. Beef can be eaten, milk can be drunk. And cowhide can be used for shoes, belts, bags, etc., horns can be used as combs, and cattle hair can be used as felts. It can be said that the whole body of the cattle can be used by us, which provides great convenience for our lives.

In recent years, cattle breeding has become more and more common. Many people have spotted the vast cattle market and resolutely entered this industry. However, in the process of raising, many people also find that the price of raising is relatively high. And cattle feed is relatively expensive. Especially for people with no experience, it is very likely that they will lose money and not only have no income for a year. Then how to reduce the cost of cattle feeding?

The cost of raising cattle is mainly feed and veterinary drugs. If you want to reduce the cost of raising cattle, you must consider these two aspects.

In terms of cattle breeding, forage and concentrated feed are mainly used. And it is particularly important to reduce the cost of grass. For some large farms, you can sow forages yourself, such as Mexican corn, emperor bamboo grass, sweet elephant grass, highdan grass, rye grass, alfalfa, etc., so that you can directly graze and no need to buy a lot of forage grass.

Secondly, you can also harvest a lot of straw during the straw harvest season, and after harvesting, it can be processed into grass meal for storage, which can effectively reduce the amount of subsequent purchase of straw.

In addition to grass, the cost of concentrated feed is also a big investment. First of all, we can choose some high-quality and cheap concentrated feed. If you think the price on the market is more expensive, you can choose to produce it yourself. Using the feed production line for production will achieve a high cost performance. The feed production line can achieve highly automated production and the efficiency is very high. And it can guarantee the quality while being efficient. It is a very good equipment. Now many manufacturers have adopted the feed production line, which has also enabled them to further reduce the production cost and the price of the feed.

At the same time, in the production of concentrated feed, corn, rapeseed cake, or peanut cake, rice bran, and distiller’s grains can be used instead of higher-priced concentrated feed, such as rapeseed cake, peanut cake instead of bean cypress. And rice bran instead of wheat bran, which can save the cost of concentrated feed.

In terms of the cost of veterinary drugs for cattle, the best way is to immunize the cattle in advance, and usually pay attention to keeping the pens clean to reduce the cattle's illness, so that the cost of veterinary drugs will be greatly reduced.

To reduce the cost of raising cattle, we must consider the above two aspects. Whether it is a manufacturer or a breeder, the feed production line is a good choice. The reduction of production cost means that more customers will be obtained. If you want to reduce the production cost, then Just give it a try!

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