How Do You Use Oats As Bread Crumbs?

April 25, 2021

Bread crumbs are an indispensable raw material when we make fried foods. A layer of bread crumbs on the outside of the ingredients will become crispy on the outside and tender on the inside after being fried, especially when making fried chicken and fish, crumbs are irreplaceable. Nowadays, it is not only a commercial restaurant, but even many families store some breadcrumbs for emergencies.

But there are always unexpected situations. What should I do if I suddenly find that there is no bread crumbs when making fried foods? Many friends say that oats can be used instead, so what should we do when using oats instead of crumbs?

Using oatmeal instead of crumbs is very simple. First, we need to take out some oatmeal, take out an appropriate amount and put it into a food processor to crush it. If there is no food processor, put it in a plastic bag, and then seal it. Slowly crush it with a rolling pin or a wine bottle, and choose the thickness according to your needs.

Oatmeal crumbs are used in the same way as real crumbs. You only need to coat the ingredients that need to be cooked with a layer of egg liquid, and then wrap the oatmeal in a circle, so that the whole body of the ingredients is wrapped in oatmeal . After the oil bubbling slightly, you can gently put the ingredients into the hot oil.

It is worth noting that the ingredients should not be turned immediately after being put in the hot oil. Wait until the oatmeal at the bottom is fried and turned yellow, then gently turn it over, so that it can be well shaped. If you keep flipping it as soon as you put it in, the oatmeal will fall off and the ingredients will be fried.

The above is how to use oatmeal as bread crumbs. It is very simple and very similar to real bread crumbs.
Bread crumbs are made using a bread crumb production line. We can provide you with a professional bread crumb production line. The whole production line is made of food-grade stainless steel. It is very clean and hygienic. The automated operation method can achieve automated production without manual labor. Intervention has further ensured the quality and safety of bread crumbs.

At the same time, the production line has a very high production efficiency and can achieve high-speed production. The most important thing is that it can achieve multiple uses. The breadcrumb production line can not only produce bread crumbs, but also make oatmeal into bread crumbs, which is very versatile. In addition, our company's snack food production line, baby rice powder production line and corn flakes production line are all very reliable in quality and are well received by manufacturers.

Bread crumbs are very useful and can add a lot of color to our diet. When there is no bread crumbs, oatmeal can be used instead, and the same effect can be achieved. Corn flakes, dry bread, etc. are good choices for making bread crumbs. As long as we think carefully, we will definitely find more magical ingredients that can replace bread crumbs!

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