How Does The Nutritional Rice Production Line Produce High Quality And Healthy Rice?

January 29, 2021

Nutritional rice is a very special kind of rice. Besides, nutritional rice production line adopts advanced production technology and boldly innovates. At the same time, this line uses a scientific and nutritious crushing ratio method. And then, it makes the product more nutritious. At the same time, it improves the cell viability, but also enhance the body's immunity.

Nutritional rice production line has high degree of automation, saving energy. At the same time, this line takes the rice, millet, black rice, buckwheat and all kinds of corns and cereals as raw material. And then, nutritional rice production line makes the vitamin, protein and mineral composition mixed and extruded. And then it can become the rice appearance again. Besides, this process is easy and convenient. At the same time, this rice has the same edible method as the natural rice.

Features of  Nutritional Rice Production Line

1. Nutritional rice production line can make enriched artificial rice  by extruder.

2. It has good nutrition and the similar shape to the rice. If you want to get the clean, crystal and high-ranking rice, you must use this line.

3. Complete line includes mixer, extruder, cooling conveyor, dryer.

4. Nutritional rice production line is made of stainless steel. So it has a long service life.

5. Nutritional rice production line has a high degree of automation. So it saves time, effort and money.

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