How Is Feed Obtained?

April 24, 2021

There are a lot of precautions in the process of animal feeding, and every breeder has to pay a lot of effort, especially in the aspect of feeding. Because if the feeding is a little careless, it will cause the animals to appear different kinds of health problems.

Nowadays, most breeders buy professional feeds for feeding. High-quality feeds are rich in all the nutrients needed in the process of animal growth, which can ensure the healthy growth of animals. Then how are animal feeds made?

The use of feed production lines can directly process raw materials into animal feed. In the entire production process, a high degree of automation is the most important production factor, which not only improves production efficiency, but also does not require manual intervention, which can ensure stable production quality and the stability of the production system .
The entire production process includes the income of raw materials, ingredients, grinding and mixing, granulating and packaging.

Raw Material Input
In the process of feed processing, it starts with the income of raw materials. The trucks bring the raw materials into the factory. After the samples are qualified, the raw materials will be transported to the air storage. During this process, the dust in the raw materials will be removed and then vibrated. The sieve will be further separated to remove impurities in the raw materials, such as paper, stone, etc., to obtain the highest quality raw materials.

These raw materials usually include corn, rice, rice bran, sorghum, bone meal, fish meal, soybeans, and various mineral and vitamin additives.

Grinding And Mixing
Feeding according to the formula is the biggest advantage of the factory's production. The factory has developed the most scientific formula after many researches, which is most conducive to the growth of animals, which cannot be achieved when making feed by itself.

After the scientific proportioning is completed, the raw materials will enter the grinder for grinding. Different animals can choose to grind into different sizes. And then the mixing mixer will mix these raw materials together to fully ensure the nutrients needed by the animals.

The extruder can make the raw materials into different sizes and shapes according to the needs, which can be granular or striped. It can produce a variety of animal feeds only by changing the mold.

The packaging machine can realize automatic packaging, and the high-precision weighing realizes the stability of the quality. After the packaging is completed, the feed will be shipped to the market for sale.

This is the case for the production process of animal feed. The biggest advantage of using a feed production line is efficient production. After all, in industrial production, efficiency is life. At the same time, the manufacturer will also provide rigorous and scientific feed formulas, which will benefit more farmers and allow more customers to obtain long-term friendly cooperation orders. The company's bread crumb production line, soy meat machine and other equipment have a very good reputation.

Feed is the most important thing in animal breeding. As long as you choose the right feed, the animals will definitely grow up and get the highest economic benefits!

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