What Is The Main Ingredient In Animal Feed?

April 24, 2021

We are inseparable from all kinds of animals. Chickens, sheep, ducks, cows, pigs, etc. are the foundation of our lives. These animals have made major contributions to all aspects of our lives. Meat and eggs provide nutrition for our bodies. Fur can be made into clothes, shoes, etc. We should really thank these animals for our good life today.

Many animal breeders will spend a lot of thought to find high-quality animal feed. The quality of feed plays a vital role in the growth of animals. It will directly affect the growth of animals and has a great relationship with the subsequent market value.

So what are the main ingredients in animal feed?

Corn is the most common source of energy in feed formulations and is cheap, readily available and easily processed.
Wheat as a grain serves the same function as corn, providing an energy source for animals, and wheat offal is often used as a feed binder.
In addition, sorghum, rice, etc. can be used as the main raw materials to make animal feed. Manufacturers usually choose these grains according to their prices, which can also ensure the stability of the price of animal feed.

Protein is an important substance to promote the growth and development of animals. If the animals lack protein, it will lead to poor growth and even bite people.
The main sources of protein are fish meal and soybean meal. Fish meal can not only supplement protein for animals but also rich in amino acids. The balance of amino acids in the feed enables animals to effectively absorb and use the nutrients they need. However, fish meal is expensive, and many manufacturers will replace it with soybean meal. And it is a very good source of protein with wide sources and low price.

Synthetic amino acid
Amino acids contribute to the growth and development of animals. It can form a complete protein, which has greater nutritional importance than protein. But amino acids are expensive. Therefore, it is usually used in combination with fish meal. It can not only reduce the cost but also achieve the required amino acid balance in the animal feed.

Vitamins and Minerals
Minerals can promote the development and maintenance of bone tissue and are essential in feed. Therefore, shells and bone meal are usually included in the feed. At the same time, some mixtures of vitamins and minerals will be added as fixed ingredients. And it will further enrich the nutrition of the feed.

High quality feed usually consists of more than 6 kinds of raw materials. It can ensure the comprehensive nutrition. The use of feed production line will provide the market with high quality and low price poultry feed. It has been widely welcomed by the market. Our company's bread crumb production line, baby rice noodle production line and bean meat machine have very high sales. And they are good equipment trusted by customers.

If you want to produce animal feed, you might as well use a feed production line.It will surely make your business more smooth. And look forward to win-win cooperation!

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