Is Corn Flakes Made From Sweet Corn?

April 27, 2021

The improvement of living standards not only makes our lives more colorful, but also makes us pay more attention to physical health. People's diet gradually changed from big fish to light. Especially when the morning hours are more urgent, people will choose to use breakfast cereals instead of traditional breakfast.

The emergence of breakfast cereals has saved most people. Especially some office workers, because breakfast cereals are very convenient to eat. Just use milk for brewing. Therefore, it is deeply loved by the public. Among them, corn flakes account for very high sales. Many people find corn flakes sweet when eating corn flakes. So are corn flakes made from sweet corn?

Corn flakes are made from corn. People send the fresh corn into the factory, and then use the corn flake production line to make it through grinding, puffing and extrusion processes. Normal corn is usually used. The reason why it tastes sweeter is that sugar, malt flavoring and high fructose corn syrup are added during the production process. Sweet corn is not suitable for making corn flakes, direct consumption will better play the value of sweet corn.

Corn flakes are not only very delicious, but also very nutritious. Rich in vitamins, folic acid, minerals, dietary fiber, protein and carbohydrates, etc. Among them, folic acid is very important for the formation of new cells. Therefore, corn flakes are a more suitable food during pregnancy.

If milk is added to corn flakes when eating, corn flakes will provide our body with abundant protein. Protein plays an important role in enhancing body immunity and restoring body tissues.

Secondly, corn flakes are rich in β-cryptoxanthin carotenoids, which help promote lung health and prevent lung cancer.

Finally, corn flakes can play a good role in fullness, so that we can reduce the intake of other unhealthy foods and help us lose weight. Of course, corn flakes do not contain cholesterol, which is an ideal food for patients with heart disease.

Therefore, regular consumption of corn flakes has many benefits for our body. Sales of corn flakes have also continued to increase. Our company produces high-quality corn flakes production lines and provides high-quality and inexpensive equipment for major manufacturers. The entire production line adopts highly automated production methods, which can effectively reduce manual intervention. Makes the quality of corn flakes more stable, and is equipped with a variety of different types of molds. Many different breakfast cereals such as corn flakes and oatmeal can be produced. It is also feasible to use sweet corn to make corn flakes.

If you want to try to make corn flakes with sweet corn, please contact us, we will realize your wish for you. In fact, most corn flakes on the market are made of ordinary corn, and sweet corn is more suitable for direct consumption!

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