Is Egg Used In Biscuits?

April 27, 2021

I believe many people like to eat biscuits very much. For leisure and entertainment or when visiting relatives and friends, biscuits are the best choice to enhance the atmosphere. There are also many types of biscuits, such as chocolate biscuits, sandwich biscuits and wafer biscuits, which are very popular. And now there are more and more types of biscuits. Each kind of biscuit has a different flavor.

Although the types of biscuits are very rich, the production process is similar. There is a great similarity in the selection of raw materials and most biscuits use eggs in the process of making. It can be said that without eggs, the taste of biscuits will be greatly reduced, and the role of eggs in biscuits is very large.

The role of eggs in the processing of biscuits is multifaceted, mainly as follow:

1.Fluffy effect
The biggest effect of adding eggs to the biscuits is to make the biscuits more fluffy. Because the protein in eggs will coagulate after being heated. After maturity, the volume of the biscuits will increase and the taste will be richer. If you don't add eggs to the biscuits, the biscuits will not expand. And it will become very collapsed, it will break at the touch of a touch, and it will not be able to form. The taste is also very bad, it tastes like a mouthful of powder, without the taste of biscuits at all.

Eggs are rich in nutrients, with 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, and are easily absorbed by the human body, making biscuits more delicious and nutritious.

3.Increase the flavor and color of biscuits
The protein and amino acids contained in eggs will cause Maillard reaction on the surface of the biscuits during the baking process, which means that the surface of the biscuits will be browned and the biscuits will have a unique flavor and color. Lutein and sulfonic acid will give the inside of the biscuit a golden color. If no eggs are added, the biscuits are off-white.

4.Improve the organizational structure of products
Eggs can emulsify the oil and other liquid materials in the raw materials, so that the flavor and structure of the biscuits are uniform. If no eggs are added, the structure of the biscuits will be very poor, and they will fall apart when touched.

From this we can know that eggs are an indispensable raw material for making biscuits. The manufacturers using the biscuit production line will provide high-quality production formulas. Each type of biscuit will be added with eggs as required. The final biscuit produced has a high quality. Both the color and taste are very in line with the needs of the public, and it can produce a variety of different types of biscuits and other snack foods, which can further expand the market scale.

Eggs are an indispensable raw material for biscuits. If you want to develop a biscuit business, you may wish to use Loyal biscuit production line. I believe it will bring you unexpected gains!

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