Professional Pet And Animal Food Making Machine With Custom-Design Service

May 10, 2023

Introduction of Pet And Animal Food Making Machine:

Pet feed refers to animal feed specially intended for pets. With the rapid development of my country's social economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to pet breeding. At the same time, as a large number of rural surplus laborers flock to cities, the number of left-behind elderly and children increases, and these groups lack effective family care. In this case, people's demand for pet breeding will increase. Therefore, pet feed has developed rapidly in our country as a new industry. This paper analyzes the development status of my country's pet feed industry and looks forward to its future development trend.

The whole pet food production line includes Mixing, Screw conveyor, Twin Screw Extruder, Air Conveyor, Multi-layer Oven, Flavoring Line

 The Production Line Details 

Capacity 120-150KG/h; 200-250KG/h; 300-500KG/h
Electricity supply Customized according to your local electricity situation.
Machine details 1. Stainless steel,:201, 304, 316, on request.

2. Electrical components can be ABB, Delta, Fuji, Siemens; famous brands.

Certificates CE,GOST,TUV,BV
Raw material Flour, Bone Meal, Corn Meal, Bean Meal
Product colour Brown, Green, Pink, Yellow and so on

 Flow Chart of Pet And Animal Food Making Machine:

1.Mixer--2. Screw conveyor--3. Twin Screw Extruder--4. Air Conveyor--5. Multi-layer Oven--6. Flavoring Line

Flow Chart Diagram:

Feature Of Pet And Animal Food Making Machine:

1.Fully functional equipment: The most basic function of the pet production line is to produce different types of products, such as cat food, dog food, canned cat food, etc. According to different types of products, the machine can adjust the production parameters according to customer requirements, so as to meet the different needs of customers.

2.Advanced technology: In the process of pet food processing, the advanced degree of technology directly affects the quality of pet food, pet food production line with advanced technology can reduce product quality problems in the production process.

3.Reliable quality: The pet food production line adopts advanced equipment, and has undergone strict testing from the selection of raw materials to the packaging of finished products. The equipment includes feeding system, mixing system, extrusion system, conveying system, etc. Each part has strict control procedures to ensure that the products produced meet the quality requirements. In terms of quality management, the equipment is equipped with an online monitoring device and a computer control system, which can monitor the operation of the equipment in real time and ensure product quality.

4.Safety and environmental protection: The product quality of the pet food production line is also closely related to the safety of the environment. To this end, we have adopted high-quality, high-standard production technology, and adopted advanced technology and equipment in raw materials, processing, packaging, etc., to avoid adverse effects on pet food caused by the use of inferior raw materials and equipment, Effectively guarantee the safety and environmental protection in the pet food production process.

Applications Of Pet And Animal Food Making Machine:

Our pet feed production line is mainly used in the production of various pet feeds. Through the control of temperature and moisture, we can produce feeds with novel shapes, unique tastes and rich nutrition.

Our pet feed production line can be used to produce dog food, cat food, fish feed, shrimp feed and various aquatic feed, parrot feed and so on.

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