Snack Food Extruder Machine - A New Way To Make Picky Eaters Eat

August 16, 2022

Snack food extruder machine has been used for making all kinds of snacks and confectionery. The snack food extruder is widely used in food processing industry, especially for the manufacture of various snacks.

The snack food extruder is a kind of equipment that can produce a variety of shapes and forms of food by extruding them through a die. It's an ideal device to process various kinds of materials into different shapes, such as rods, tubes or spirals. The machine is controlled by PLC touch screen operation system, which makes it easy to operate and easy to control the whole production line.

Snack food extrusion machine is a common snack making equipment.

It is used to make all kinds of edible extruded snacks such as potato chips, corn chips, corn sticks, rice cakes and so on. The main working principle of this machine is based on the extrusion technology, which can produce a variety of shapes and forms of processed foods.

The snack extruder machine consists of feeding system, heating system, cooling system, extruding system and cutting system. The feeding system is composed of feeding hopper and feeding screw. The feeding hopper receives raw materials from storage bin and supplies them to the feeding screw through metering device (screw speed reducer). The raw materials are heated by heating barrel and then they are forced through die opening by pressure generated by turning speed reducer (extruder). After being heated in vacuum chamber and cooled down in cooling chamber, the processed products are cut into pieces by cutter knife wheel according to required specifications before packaging.

Snack Food Extruder Machine - A New Way To Make Picky Eaters Eat

Snack Food Extruder Machine - A New Way To Make Picky Eaters Eat

The twin screw extruder is specially designed for processing high protein and high fiber snacks.

It has many advantages compared with other types of extrusion equipment, such as low energy consumption, simple structure and easy operation.

The twin screw extruder has a high degree of automation. The extruder is equipped with a programmable control system that allows automatic production according to the customers' requirements.

The twin screw extruder uses stainless steel barrel and barrel head, which are durable and do not corrode easily in the application process of snack food. The barrel head is equipped with two sets of screws at both ends. One set is used for heating, one for cooling, which makes it possible for the barrel to operate continuously without stopping when preparing snacks in different flavors.

The snacks extruder machine is equipped with different dies and moulds which can produce various shapes of snacks food.

It has features such as good quality, ease of operation, low noise and high efficiency. The snacks extruder machine is widely used in the food industry to make various kinds of snacks.

The snack food extruder machine can produce many kinds of shapes such as tube, stick, square-shaped chip and other different shapes according to customer requirements. It also has a variety of functions such as making circular chips, square-shaped chips or sticks with various patterns on the surface and can be made into any shape according to customer requirements.

The shapes of the snacks food include ring, stick, shell, drumstick, square tube and other similar shapes. Besides, different size can meet different customer's requirement.

The snack food extruder machine is the most advanced equipment for making snacks. It can produce different shapes of snacks food, such as ring, stick, shell, drumstick and so on.

The machine adopts PLC control system and flexible operation panel which is easy to operate and read. The material hopper uses vacuum suction device to avoid material leakage during operation. The extruder adopts high quality alloy steel barrel with high precision and long service life. The barrel is equipped with double-layer structure to prevent oil leakage effectively and keep stable working condition of the entire machine.

The snack food extruder machine can be used to produce variety of snacks foods such as fried noodles, fried dough sticks (dough sticks), fried dough twists (twists) and so on.

The extra parts are highly configuration and can be upgraded to produce different kinds of cereal bars.

The extruder is the core equipment for making extruded products. It is an integral part of the whole production line of food processing industry. The extruder machine has been widely used in the food processing industry for its outstanding features.

The snack food extruder machine consists of feeding system, mixing system, heating system, cooling system and discharging system. The feeding system feeds raw materials into the barrel by means of conveyor belt or vibrating feeder; the mixing system mixes two or more raw materials together through rotating blades inside barrel; temperature of heating material can be adjusted by changing speed or power; cooling system cools down heated material after being heated up by heating system; discharging system discharges products out after being processed by extrusion process.

The heating system adopts the forced circulation heating method which make sure the material has enough heat when it comes into the barrel. This barrel is fully stainless steel with unique design which makes it easy to clean after production.

The material can flow from one end to the other by a screw on the barrel wall and this screw is fixed at its center of gravity so that it not only can mix the material well but also can keep stable working condition under high pressure.

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The Snack Food Extruder Machine is a kind of machine that can extrude different snack food with low energy consumption. It is an ideal equipment for producing various shapes of snacks, such as fish-shaped, star-shaped, heart-shaped and so on. The main components of this machine include the feeding device, the screw conveyor and the extruder head. The feeding device feeds raw materials into the extruder head by conveyor belt. Then they are cooked by heating device inside the extruder head and then compressed by screw conveyor to form different shapes of snacks according to requirements.

The Snack Food Extruder Machine is a great option to help parents keep their kids healthy and happy while they let them have fun at the same time. There are so many ways that this machine can be used, and the best part is that you can use it too! If you have food that is hard for you or your kids to eat, this may actually make it easier. The price is affordable, and the possibilities are endless.

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