What foods are extruded?

July 1, 2021

Technology has driven the development of society and the progress of the times. With the help of technology, the food processing industry has dramatically improved. What is unexpected is that high technology produces many of the foods we take for granted around us.

Extrusion technology is a significant breakthrough in the food processing industry. The emergence of this technology to make the variety of food has become more abundant. It also improves the taste and nutrition of food. Much high-end food has become more common. So what kind of food is produced after extrusion technology?

What foods are extruded?

Professional technical article 2021 sales of the top six extrusion equipment show that extrusion technology is a sign of progress in the food processing industry. The use of the technology can produce various types of food, such as corn flakes, oatmeal, and other breakfast cereals, French fries, cereal, and other casual foods, soy meat, vegetarian meat, and other soy protein food, etc.

In the food processing industry, extrusion technology refers to the process of conveying raw materials with sugars or proteins as the main components into a sealed cylinder with a screw inside. Afterward, under heating and pressure, the raw materials are subjected to friction and shear forces, which change the organization of the raw materials in a short time. Finally, the extrusion die will extrude it by a particular shape and cut and cool it to produce the final product.

We can produce many types of food by using this technology. Due to the difference in usage and equipment, generally speaking, it can be divided into three types due to the different uses and equipment.

Three common types of extruded foods:

  1. small casual foods produced from corn and potatoes 2. tissue-like protein foods (vegetable meat) produced from vegetable proteins
  2. grains, beans, or potatoes as raw materials, puffed to make staple foods

These three types of food are almost all of us often eat, and even indispensable food for some people, so it is clear that extrusion technology has a profound impact on our lives. The food produced using this technology has very many advantages.

When the die extrudes the food, water vapor expands and disperses rapidly due to the sudden pressure drop; the food will form a porous structure that will be richer to eat.

The extrusion process will also apply particular heating and pressurization, which will have a tremendous positive impact on the food. It will improve the digestibility, quick eating, and more extinction rate of the food.  And the harmful effects on the food will be minimized, such as browning, the destruction of nutrition in raw materials, etc., which can greatly reduce these adverse effects.

So what is the principle of extrusion equipment?

The extruded food processing process is entirely different from the usual food processing of steaming, cooking process, extrusion of food heating, cooking, and extrusion forming in the extrusion equipment, with a short time almost completed simultaneously.

The general process of processing is the food raw materials into the screw extruder. The rotation of the screw can make the raw materials be kneaded into dough. And then continue to be shear and heating effect, and in the control of the die, head to generate a certain pressure, high temperature and high-pressure state so that the material can reach a molten state. Then the material is instantly extruded from a particular shape of the die hole. The high temperature and pressure suddenly drop to standard temperature and pressure, the raw material structure changes, forming a mesh structure. After extrusion, the material is cured and shaped into the various food products we see every day.

All these processes can generally complete in a short time, which is the key to extrusion technology. The excellence of this principle lies in the fact that it allows the internal structure and properties of the material to change, thus producing unexpected delicacies.

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