What can I use instead of biscuit cutter?

July 1, 2021

Biscuits are a very convenient snack food that we always have at home, and a biscuit can provide a lot of energy when we are relaxed or tired from work and study. Nowadays, biscuits have become very common, with a dazzling variety of biscuits appearing in the streets and alleys.

The development of the Internet has also made many consumers know the method of making cookies. Out of love for baking, they have begun to make biscuits.  However, due to the rustiness of skills and incomplete tools, things often happen in a hurry. When we do not have a biscuit-cutter, what should we use instead?

What can I use instead of biscuit cutter?

The technical article Top 10 Biscuit Production Line in 2021 shows that making biscuits by yourself is a very rewarding experience. You can control the quality of the ingredients and match them to your liking, making the biscuits more comfortable to eat. But most biscuits require a biscuit cutter in the making process, and if you don't have one, you can use standard household items like biscuit cutters.

A biscuit-cutter is a cutter designed to cut biscuits in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you don't have one, theoretically, you can use any hollow object instead of a biscuit-cutter.

For example:

  1. cups

A cup is the most common object in your home. You can use the mouth of a cup to cut standard round biscuits, but you will need to spray the mouth of the cup with a bit of non-stick spray to prevent the dough from getting stuck in the mouth of the cup and making it difficult to remove.

  1. Canned tuna

Tuna cans are the same size and height as an actual biscuit cutter. You need to thoroughly clean and dry the empty tuna cans, then remove the bottom of the empty cans, leaving a hollow ring; after that, just use the tuna cans like a biscuit cutter.

  1. Canning can pull ring

The pull ring on the can is a hollow circular structure that can be used to make some small biscuits. You just need to remove the pull ring, clean it, and use it to cut the biscuit dough.

  1. Biscuit cutter

If you happen to have made biscuits before, a biscuit cutter is perfect for making biscuits. You can choose from various shapes, such as stars, moons, trees, circles, and rectangles.

  1. Kitchen knives

Your kitchen knife is the easiest and fastest way to cut your biscuits. You can cut the cookie dough into any shape you want with your kitchen knife, and you can create your own special shapes. All you need to do is roll the dough into a square, cut the dough into even-sized pieces, and then use the kitchen knife to cut them into the shape you want.

When you don't have a biscuit-cutter in hand, you can use any hollow object in your home to cut the biscuits, which are perfectly shaped and of high quality.

Biscuit production is usually done with professional production equipment, which is equipped with various shapes of molds that can be changed to produce different shapes of biscuits.

Biscuit Production Line is a very well-known food machine in the industry. It has been exported to Singapore, Canada, Pakistan, and India for many years, providing a great help to the local market, and consumers well recognize the biscuits produced.

Biscuit Production Line is made of food-grade stainless steel, durable and hard to damage, long-lasting, small investment, high return, low waste generation rate. The highly automated production method can reduce labor costs and is ideal for manufacturers to produce high-quality biscuits and get high profits.

If you don't have a biscuit-cutter when making biscuits, you can use everything around you, and if you want to know more about biscuit-making tips, welcome to contact us!

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