Why was breakfast cereal invented?

June 30, 2021

Breakfast cereal has become the most common food on our breakfast table. When we watch TV series, we can always find that the protagonist will always take out the cereal from the refrigerator after getting up, pour it into a bowl, and then add some more. Milk, stir it a few times and start to enjoy the deliciousness.

There are many types of breakfast cereals on the market, including cereals, oatmeal and corn flakes, each of which is very popular. I have to say that breakfast cereals are a great invention. Then why are breakfast cereals? Invented it?

Why was breakfast cereal invented?

The professional technical article in the top ten corn flakes production lines in 2021 shows that in today's rushed era, all simplicity is the requirement of the times, and the emergence of breakfast cereals is also a symbol of social development. In fact, breakfast cereal was originally invented to provide a healthier and more nutritious diet for the general public. It was invented by Dr. Kellogg under a very accidental opportunity, and it has evolved into many ways today. Breakfast cereals, but the most popular is still corn flakes.

Although it has become commonplace to eat corn flakes and other cereals for breakfast, breakfast has undergone several reforms. Each stage of social development has its own unique dietary characteristics, and breakfast is the same.

During the colonial period, people’s breakfast was usually leftovers from the night before. This was determined by the times. The poverty of society prevented everyone from enjoying a better breakfast. However, with the improvement of the economic level, people's breakfast has become more and more abundant, and some foods such as ham, sausage and eggs have begun to appear. Until the 19th century, a hearty breakfast was commonplace, and a large amount of meat provided energy for farmers and laborers to work.

Until the Industrial Revolution, people started a fixed job. This standardized time running made people not have enough time to prepare these rich meats. At the same time, the increase of diseases made people realize the importance of healthy eating. Dr. Kellogg is a health expert. He believes that a light diet is extremely beneficial to people's health. He has always been committed to the development of delicious and light foods.

When Dr. Kellogg was working in a nursing home, in order to provide patients with more digestible and healthier food, he began to mix flour and cornmeal to bake at a high temperature. One night in 1898, a batch of wheat grain dough was accidentally put on hold for a long time, causing it to ferment. Dr. Kellogg rolled it into thin slices. After being baked at a high temperature, it became unexpectedly crisp. Dr. Kellogg was inspired by it. After continuous research and development, I finally found that the flakes made with corn flour taste better, and the corn flakes were born.

During the period of rapid social development, people found that if you pour milk into corn flakes and eat directly, it is not only easier to digest than traditional breakfast, but also healthier. The most important thing is that it is very convenient and very suitable for everyone’s needs. Therefore, corn flakes and other breakfast cereals are social The inevitable product of the rapid development stage.

Corn flakes are born for health. The public now has higher requirements for corn flakes. With the advancement of science and technology, the production process of corn flakes has been further improved. The highly automated production method is the modern food processing industry. Mainstream.

The Corn Flake Production Line is a new type of food machinery that is very popular with manufacturers. It is developed by our engineers in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad. It has excellent quality, sturdiness and durability, and is not easily damaged. It can be used for a lifetime. The most important thing is the low price. Our engineers have effectively controlled the production cost after many experiments, and provided more favorable prices for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, so that our customers have greater competitiveness in the market.

Corn Flake Production Line can produce a variety of breakfast cereals. And we can also customize the mold for you, so that your production can keep up with the market trend. We can also provide customized services and maintenance services, and can send our engineers to your area to guide the installation, we do our best to provide you with all conveniences!

Breakfast cereals are very practical breakfast foods. They are nutritious and convenient to eat. The demand will continue to increase in the future. If you want to work in this industry, please contact us!

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